Can Lift Operate on Inverter Battery?

Now the lift are mostly used in all the high-rise buildings, hospitals, schools & commercial towers to saves people's time, to reduce the effort in stairs & avoid physical activity. As we know that to make lift safe & secure we need reliable power source with 24 hour availability/backup solution in high-rise or multi-storage apartments. Now solar is one of the best solutions for lift as main power source as well as backup solution.

As per survey, we found that in most of the locations generators are used as a power backup solution for elevators/lift in buildings & in some of cases people use online UPS solution. Also in some small lifts like for 3 to 5 floor buildings they do not have any power backup solution & installed lift only work during main grid supply availability. In such a situation, if the power goes out, then there is a fear of getting stuck for long time.

How much does lift power consume?

power consumption of lift

We have to calculate the complete load of lift like used motor capacity in lift and other loads like no. of installed fans, bulbs, camera etc, also if any other apartment emergency lightning loads you want to connect with inverter.  First of all we will calculate the lift full load current by operating lift with maximum capacity as defined by lift supplier like lift capacity for 5 persons have been asked to come from top to bottom and from bottom to top in the lift. Now with the help of clamp meter we will find the power consumption of motor which is given below Component Specification Lift 5 Persons Motor 10 HP / 7.5kW, 3 Phase, No. of Floors 6 Floors Running Load.

Max. Power Consumption with Jerk Current: 33Amp.

Min. Power Consumption without Jerk Current: 16Amp.

The power consumption of a lift will not be the same, during moving upward lift load current will more than as compare to moving downward lift load current. Also during stating of AC motor it will consume 6 times more rated current for few seconds as will come in to rated current again.

Why Power Packup is required for Lift?

For lift power backup solution 70% to 80% are using Diesel Generator (DG) to run the lift. DG cannot run in many of states due to pollution & it is difficult to say when the government refuses to run the generator as backup.  Also DG costs would be around Rs 2.5 to 5 lakhs as per capacity of DG & apart from this, there is a lot of bill every month to operate DG & huge maintenance cost.

But Hybrid Solar solution along with Lithium Battery is the best option & economical also. Solar would be around 4 to 8 Lakhs as per capacity of plant & more benefit you will get by installing solar solution instead of DG are,

-        Electricity Bill can reduce up to 70%.

-        Environment friendly solution reduces CO2 emission.

-        One time investment cost, No Operating cost, maintenance free.

-        No additional man power required for monitoring & operating.

-        No approval required from electricity department

How Lift Works?

power backup for lift

As we know lift operation, its lift limited weight from One level to another level with help of Machine Drive. Generally, 3phase, 10HP (7.5kW) AC Motor, Control Cabinet, Over speed Governor, Elevator Car, apron, etc are used in lift for operation. For 10HP 3 phase motor required 3 phase AC electricity supply to run & perform lifting operation. If power supply fails lift will not operate & if no power backup are their then left will stuck until supply resume.  Some of small power backup UPS also provided in some of lift so that if someone is coming or going from the lift and at the same time the power goes out, then the door will open after coming down from the floor on which the lift is located, but if there is no electricity for a long time, then the lift is closed.

How many types of Lift?

Lifts are generally two types,

1. Regular List – Regular lift load carrying capacity is generally less (around 200-1000 kg) as   compare to service lift.

2. Service lift – Service lift can carry heavy load around capacity of 2000kg approx. & used for material loading and unloading.

How to select Inverter Battery for Lift?

Based on motor load and other required load you can select suitable size of Inverter with considering 25% extra margin in future use. However for small lift 12.5kWp solar Inverter along with 200Ah (approx.) Battery will be sufficient for lift (size of battery will depend on backup time duration & total load). For detail load calculation & selection please visit or contact with our solar expert team.

How to reduce electricity bill for building common areas?

If you want to reduce an electricity bill of large homes, then you can install rooftop solar panel system. In this system, you will get these main components: PV Modules, Inverter, Controller with monitoring Device, Modules Mounting Structure, DC Solar Cable, AC Power Cable, Lugs & Glands as per cable size
MC4 connector (with male and female connector), Earthing Rod, GI Strip, Lightning Arrester, Batteries and Battery Stand/Box.

How to install rooftop solar for large buildings?

1. Site survey is the main key of any plant installation, to identify & clear the vision for following things.

  • Shadow free space analysis
  • Load Calculation
  • Type of Module structure selection
  • Based on site visit preliminary BOQ estimation
  • Identify the Earthing Pit location for lightning protection 
2. Mounting of PV Modules, Structure & Cable Connection
3. Inverter installation & Battery Installation
4. Metering Installation
5. Lightning Arrestor & Earthing Installation


As we mention all the advantages and considering benefits Off Grid Solar solution is Best solution for Lift Power supply & as backup.  Its avoid the frequent power outages, 24 hours electricity backup, up to 70% reduction in Electricity bill, save CO2 emission & many more. If you would like more information on this topic, contact us now  Our experts are always ready to assist you.




5hp lift elevator.for 3 floors with capacity carrying 6 persons.
What are requirements for invertor ups and capacity of batteries .
How much price will be around .
What will be maintenance cost.
Canu pass me contact details of any dealer in Hyderabad.
Thank u
Ph 9849025321.

Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar

Pl send me details for 6 person, 5hp motor. Connection details requirement

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