How Lithium Battery can Give Luxury Homes the Backup?

These days people want convenience. They want reliable power supply and hassle-free maintenance and are also ready to pay a premium for such facilities. An owner of a luxury home will not mind paying a higher price to get hassle free power supply to run his many smart appliances at home. Moreover, given the rise in electricity rates and soaring temperatures, solar is the need of the hour.

Perfect Energy Storage

2 times battery life, consumes 50% less space, needs no maintenance & takes 60% less recharge time

Avg. Cost of Electricity Bill in a Villas

The current electricity tariff for luxury homes / villas in Hyderabad is Rs.20/ unit, that is pretty expensive! People all over are ready to reduce their carbon footprint if they get better systems to manage their power needs.

People at Zion Market research expect the global smart home market to reach $53.45 billion by the end of 2022.

Loom Solar, recently installed one such system at a luxury house in Hyderabad. This villa had several smart appliances such as smart light, smart fan, main gate, etc. which are controlled by control panel. This villa also had a gym and the owner installed the energy storage system here. This involved the installation of a 15-kWh energy storage system in just a rack. Yes, you read it right, the whole backup solution fit in just one rack measuring ~2ft*4ft (a 5-kWh battery each in each shelf). If traditional batteries were used then it would require to install 30 of those batteries for a 15-kWh system.

Selecting a Battery Backup Solution for Your Smart Home

Loom Solar’s recent launch CAML battery is gaining popularity for such installations. A solar inverter can run efficiently with lithium batteries at home as well as for commercial purposes. In fact, lithium battery is finding increased application in commercial areas as space is limited. Just like a camel in the desert can go long without water, similarly Loom Solar’s battery lasts long once charged. This battery is efficient, uses less space, portable and light-weight, fast-charging, safe to use, and has long life when compared to the traditional batteries. It is also maintenance-free. This 15-kWh battery can be charged using 15 units of electricity.

Can I Charge UPS Battery from the Sun?

So, 3 kW solar panels and inverters as well as a connection box were installed along with these batteries to charge them without paying the grid electricity bill. Indian villas are permitted to install off-grid solar system on their terraces so villa owners can install this system without any doubt. This whole system can also be controlled by an app-based monitoring from any part of the city/ country. The battery shows the charge indication, MCB switch for easy on and off, earthing, etc. The connection of this battery is also very simple and convenient.

Batteries are a must for solar inverter in order to get an uninterrupted power supply. They are needed for power backup as well as allow for storage. With the upcoming summer season, the demand for power backup solutions will also increase and people will install energy storage which gives 3-4 hours backup to run necessary appliances. Loom Solar’s CAML battery is ideal for DC application, street lights and home lighting system.

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