How to Generate, Change & Block ATM Card?

An ATM is a machine to take out cash from a bank account without going to an actual bank. It is always required to dispense the cash of a desired amount (limited amount set by the dedicated bank). ATMs are widely popular and is available all around the world. ATM machine can dispense cash from different ATM card (even of different bank accounts).

What is full form of an ATM?

The full form is an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). An ATM machine is also known as Automatic Banking Machine, Cash Point, Automatic Cashier, etc. 

How to insert an ATM card?

To insert an ATM card into the ATM machine, there is a slot covered with green plastic border. The ATM card will be inserted by keeping the ATM card’s face upside with the chip of the card should be inserted first followed by the whole card. There is also a light shaped like a green arrow, which blinks to show the place to insert an ATM card into the ATM machine.

How to withdraw money from an ATM?

The ATM card must be inserted in an upright position (chip-to be inserted first), then the machine will read all the details of the card and will provide several options and manuals on the screen. Some bank’s ATM machine allows the card to be removed while withdrawing the cash and some banks don’t.

Some banks ask for machine-to-human verification like type the numbers on the screen or by the buttons and verify the numbers.

The first option will appear for the selection of the language for the process, then the transaction options will appear like balance check, cash withdrawal, pin change, etc. Out of this select the ‘cash withdrawal’ option and then select the type of the bank account (saving account or current account), then enter the digits for the required cash withdrawal.

Then the ATM will ask for the ATM card’s 4-digit security PIN to complete the transaction. Enter the PIN and then the ATM will dispense the cash.

Take out the cash within 15 to 30 seconds else the machine will retain the cash if not withdrawn. Then the machine will ask for receipt or to display the remaining amount in the bank account. Click ‘Yes or No’ as desired, then take out the ATM card and the process is all completed.

How to change ATM PIN?

Visit the nearest ATM Machine of dedicated bank and follow these steps –

STEP 1: Insert the ATM card

STEP 2: Select ‘Change / Reset PIN’

STEP 3: Enter the current PIN and enter the new desired PIN and the PIN is changed

Some banks send OTP message before ‘step-3’ for further verification.

How to generate SBI ATM PIN?

To generate the SBI ATM PIN, visit the nearest SBI ATM and follow these steps 

STEP 1: Insert the ATM card

STEP 2: Click on to ‘PIN Generation’

STEP 3: Enter the 11-digit SBI account number

STEP 4: Enter the registered mobile number of the account

STEP 5: Select ‘Confirm’

After confirming the ATM will display an appreciation message for the account holder to be a part of the ‘SBI Green Initiative’

After the appreciating message, the ATM will display the confirmation message which means that the SBI ATM PIN generation process has been ‘successful’.

After the successful message, the SBI will send a OTP message to the registered mobile number (The OTP will be valid for 2 days only). After receiving the OTP Visit the nearest SBI ATM within 2 days.

STEP 6: Insert the ATM card and select ‘Banking’ option

STEP 7: Select ‘Pin Change’ option

STEP 8: Enter the received OTP message on the registered mobile number and from here follow all the steps provided by the SBI ATM Machine.

Apart from direct machine process there is also an option available to change the ATM PIN via SMS.

How to block SBI ATM card?

Visit the SBI website and follow the listed steps.

STEP 1: visit and login to SBI net banking portal with the associated credentials

STEP 2: Go to ‘e-services’ and click on ‘ATM card options’

STEP 3: Click on to ‘Block ATM card’ option and selected the linked account that you want to block

STEP 4: A list of all the available cards will appear, select the card and write the reason to block the card.

STEP 5: Submit all the required details to start the process to ‘Block the SBI ATM card’

After all the process, a confirmation SMS will be sent to the linked number.

The same process will be followed in SBI smartphone application.

How to change SBI ATM PIN?

To change the PIN of the SBI ATM follow the steps from the heading “How to generate SBI ATM PIN?” (Skip the steps from 1 to 5, follow from STEP 6).

How to generate ATM PIN?

To generate ATM PIN follow all the steps from the heading “How to generate SBI ATM PIN?” there might be a few additions in steps or reductions depending on the bank.

How to activate SBI ATM?

SBI ATM card can be activated via SMS and via SBI’s website.

Via SMS –

STEP 1: Use the given SMS format –



‘aaaa’ refers to your last four digits of Debit card number and, ‘bbbb’ refers to your last four digits of SBI Bank account number.

Example –

PIN 2673 9237

‘2673’ refers to your last four digits of Debit card number and, ‘9237’ refers to your last four digits of SBI Bank account number.

Send the SMS to 567676.

Or visit the, login with the credentials and select ‘Activate ATM card’ option and follow the steps.

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