Amazon Prime: How to Connect, Charge & Cancel Prime Subscription?

In this fast and busy world, we all need some moments for ourselves, we all want to relax, sit peacefully and just stream our favourite movie or series. For those who like to just sit, stream and relax, ‘Amazon Prime’ is the best option that is available in the market. Amazon prime provides enormous amount of content be it of any type (as per the norms of the country).

What is Amazon Prime Video?

‘Amazon Prime Video’ is one of the online rental ‘Video Streaming’ platform. This platform is a product of Amazon. Amazon Prime Video is a subscription-based video streaming platform, the subscription of this service can be purchased from amazon application or directly from their website.

The service of this product is available on all the streaming platforms like Android, IOS, Smart TV, Laptops, etc. The systematic working of this product is similar to other online video streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Voot, Disney + Hotstar, etc.

How to Login to Amazon Prime?

amazon prime login

To login to Amazon Prime, one must create an account in amazon online shopping application and then the same account will work for amazon prime video. Now, register with your mobile number and email address, as the mobile number will be used in both the applications, amazon shopping and amazon prime video. After creating the account, login to amazon prime video with the registered mobile number and submit the OTP and select the type of subscription that is being offered by the amazon prime video (as per requirements).

*(There are different types of subscription plans available on amazon prime. Each subscription plan comes with different video settings and limited number of accesses to the streaming devices.)

*(as per the Indian government’s rules for media and broadcasting, some of the content type is restricted in India due to Central government’s rules and policies.)

After logging-in set the name of the profile and customize the profile as per the available choices. (Different types of subscription plans allow different types of access to different profiles and different types of activities on the profiles.)

Popular Movies on Amazon Prime Video?

The list of popular movies on amazon prime video keep son updating as per the latest available content (National and International). There is a huge variety of genres available on the application, you can customise your choice of movies and content available on the platform. Apart from movies, the platform also offers different type of content such as web series, anime, shows, documentaries, cartoons, trending (including the most trending / watched content) etc.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Video Membership?

To cancel the current membership plan in amazon prime video, follow these steps; login to the account that was used to purchase the subscription / membership plan. After logging in, scroll the menu and select ‘Manage Membership’ option. Now, select the current plan and proceed. After selecting the option, the platform will ask to cancel the current membership or to go back, then select ‘Cancel Membership’. The platform will again ask ‘Are You Sure?’, then select ‘Yes’ option and click. Now the platform will ask a few questions like ‘Why are you ending the subscription?’ or ‘Tell us, why you are leaving?’.

Answer all the asked questions and submit the details. After submitting all the details, a confirmation message and an email will be received to the registered mobile number and email.

How to Connect Amazon Prime Video to TV?

how to connect amazon prime

To connect amazon prime video with the tv follow these basic steps of each option.

1. Connect Fire Stick with the TV; to connect a fire stick (fire stick provides amazon prime video application along with other streaming application) with a TV, find the USB 3.0 jack of the TV and insert the fire stick in it. Now, switch to the channels (select the fire stick channel) and wait for the fire stick to load. After it loads-up, proceed with the displayed steps in the TV and login with the amazon prime video credentials to run amazon prime video in the TV with the help of a fire stick.

2. Smart TV; all the modern TVs are now known as smart TVs, which already has certain built-in application in them like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, etc. Now, press the online streaming button on TV’s remote and select ‘Amazon Prime Video’ on the TV, and login with the amazon credentials (mobile number or email). After, logging in, you can now stream as much content as you want to.

How to watch Amazon Prime Video in a Power Cut?

Imagine that you are all relaxed and is watching your favourite movie or series on amazon prime video and suddenly the electricity goes-out. You will be irritated to your extreme, to avoid this situation, a solar system is the only possible solution to this problem and many other relatable problems.

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We hope that this article has provided you all the required information that you have been looking for and your query has been fulfilled. To know more about interesting things, then keep following us and keep reading our articles.

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