5G Services in India and Solar System Usage

India has started its own 5G services across the nation after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s inaugurated 5G services in India at ‘India Mobile Congress’. After PM’s inauguration, 8 major cities in India have started providing 5G services. The plan to expand the network of 5G is under process with many cities in the line to upgrade to 5G services.

Features of 5G Services

The major advantage of 5G service is the internet speed. 5G services has 10 times better speed than 4G spectrum which decreases the time of the activity of the user on the internet. Apart from personal usage many industries like automation, artificial intelligence, robotics industry, etc can work in more better ways to provide top-notch experience to their users.

The personal usage of virtual reality, cloud gaming experience, etc will also enhance due to high-speed internet. Apart from gaming and personal usage, the professional usage of internet can be more beneficial and can much more time-saving element. With the arrival of 5G, a heavy data file can now be sent within minutes instead of hours.

Why 5G has been installed in India?

The major need to get the 5G services in India is to boost the business sector in the country, plus the need to connect every village with internet to provide better services in every corner of the country. Another purpose is to boost the current internet services in India like faster bank payments, faster business services, better experience with technology, better education, etc.

Benefit to Farming Industry

With the arrival of 5G services in India, the farming sector will get a boost with new age technology monitoring systems like, the farmers will now be able to monitor water level in their soil, they can also check fertility ratio of the soil. Apart from soil, they can monitor and control damage done by the insects and pests. They can also keep a weather check and can receive early signs of a bad-weather, this will help them to save their crops from any incoming bad scenarios.

The major use of 5G technology is that farmers can now use modern technology like drones to water their crops or to spray pesticides on their crops to keep them pest free.

Benefit in Health Industry

The biggest advantage will be provided to the ambulance services throughout the country. The 5G services can connect all the ambulances with a server and can allow a person to locate a nearby ambulance (ready for service). The new age of technology will also help a person to receive their medication just like goods delivery from amazon or flipkart. Delivery of medicines with the help of drone technology can be very useful and time efficient, which can save life in the time of an emergency. The 5G services can also provide health report (health status) of a person to their smart phones directly from a testing lab.

Benefit to Factory Automation Industry

With the arrival of 5G services all the factories will definitely receive a boost, as the process will start shifting more towards autonomy work process instead of the strong need of human presence. All the manufacturing plants will perform with autonomy with just the requirement of human supervision and commands.

How easy and steady will it become?

Apart from having a big impact on the industries of India, 5G services will also benefit the business industry as the communication in the business will become easier and quicker. 5G will also help to connect remote businesses with big or medium business industries. The telecommunication industry will also witness a major benefit as there will be less call drops and clear communication over the call. Video calling services will also become faster and clearer over smartphone telecommunication.
*(all the 5G services in the call will become available with the help of the 5G SIMs).

To get ‘0 electricity bill’ use solar panels for your home.

Use 5 kW Solar System to make your home electricity bill free

A solar system of 5 kW can easily run the daily electricity needs of a home and can dramatically cut-short the electricity bill. A 5 kW solar system can reduce the dependency of direct electricity supply from the local DISCOM (Distribution Company) by 50% or more. A 5kW solar system consists a hybrid inverter and solar panels of very high efficiency technology which can generate more power in less light.


The 5G services in India will definitely be having major impacts on each and every sector of the Indian economy be it on personal or professional level. The 5G services will boost Indian economy and will also enhance personal experience with the modern technology as 5G will connect even the remote locations of India to every part of the country.


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