Small Solar Panel System for Work from Home Jobs

After the COVID-19 pandemic, work-from-home is the new normal. Now-a-days, people have either shifted directly to work-from-home or hybrid models. This has led to people spending more amount of time at homes which has resulted in higher electricity bills. Hence, Loom Solar has come out with solar solutions, especially to address this situation. These solar solutions will cater to one’s power needs when working from home and reduce electricity bills in total.


We recommend a 500W Off Grid Solar System as Work from Home solution. In this solar system, we provide the following solar products:

  • Solar Panel: Two - Loom Solar Panel 200W / 12V Mono PERC
  • Solar Inverter: 1435VA, 12V PWM Based Solar Inverter
  • Solar Battery: 150Ah, 5 Years Warranty Solar Battery
  • Panel Stand: Two Solar Panels Stand
  • DC Wire: Pair of 4 sq. mtr. 15 mtr.
  • MC4 Connector: One (2in 1 + 1in 1). 


Average price of work from home solar solution is Rs. 75,000. Loom Solar provides easy EMI facility to buy this solar system. You can make monthly installment as per your convenience. You can also pay some amount upfront and make EMI payments for the remaining amount. We recommend calculating your monthly EMI on

DIY Solar Panel Installation Process

This solar system is Do-it-yourself installation, and we are giving the following steps to install it.

Step 1: Panel Stand Installation

The first step to install solar system is to install the solar panel stands on which solar panels will be mounted. Place the stands at a place where you receive maximum sunlight. Remember that this stand will support the solar panels and if the stand is not sturdy your solar panels could just fall resulting in a heavy loss.

Step 2: Mounting Solar Panels

After the stands are installed carefully mount the solar panels on these stands. Care should be taken of the angle of inclination and avoid any shared area on the panels.

Step 3: Inverter Battery Installation

Inverter battery is an important component of the solar system. Inverters help in converting the DC output produced from the solar panel into AC supply. After solar panel installation, you should install the inverter battery as a part of the overall solar system.

Step 4: Wiring Solar Panel to Inverter Battery

The next step is to connect solar panels with the battery. Wiring is the medium through which electricity is transferred from solar panels to the inverter.

Step 5: Wiring Inverter Battery to Distribution Board

The last step is to now connect the inverter battery with the main power/ distribution board. Distribution Board or DCDB is used for connecting the output power from the solar panel to the input of the inverter while AC Distribution Board or ACDB distributes the electrical power from a solar inverter to the AC load system through an energy meter. 


You can run maximum load 700 to 800 watts at the same time. These are some of the basic appliances that are required in a work from home setup:

Computer & Laptop






This system also has backup time at night. We can run these appliances easily for 3-4 hours and we can run whole day in daytime.

Can we expand this solar system?

Yes, you can expand 500W solar panel system to 1kW. For that, you need to connect 200W solar panel in series connection and add 12V/24V MPPT Solar charge controller with existing solar inverter. For any technical support, please talk to our expert at 8750 77 88 00.

How to Buy Work from Home Solar Panels?

Visit: to buy the work from home solar solution. Here are the advantages of buying this product from our website:

  1. Buy from Directly Solar Panel Manufacturer
  2. Latest Technology Solar Products
  3. Pre-Buy Solar Education
  4. Product Demonstration Center Available in your city
  5. PAN India delivery 3-7 days


We hope you find this article useful especially in today’s time when work from home culture is getting popularity in our country. Do explore the details on our website and contact us for any queries that you might have regarding this system. Loom Solar is a leading e-retailer for all home solar products with a pan-India presence. We also have a large network of dealers and offline stores in leading Indian towns and cities.

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