1 Super Easy Way : To Lower Your Electricity Bill

Get Lower Electricity Bill @ Maharashtra

Hi, This is Dr.  Sachin Ambhore, I works in hospital Jafrabad Maharashtra. Right now I am using solar system at my home and I am saving around Rs. 1500-2000 per month. My electricity bill saving means a good pocket money for me, Now It is a good financial support for me like if I will deposit my this saving to my account it will be + interest (2-3%) returnable to me.  That will be good for me and my family.

Experience with out Solar

Earlier when we did not use solar I had to pay rs. 4000-5000 in electricity bill, Which was becoming like a burden for me every month. As we need to pay electricity bill on usage of appliances, Like if we are consuming 100 unit of electricity then we need to pay Rs. 5 per unit, And if I will consume 200-300 unit on electricity then it needs to pay Rs. 10 per unit. Same as for further.

Solar Installation

But when we install solar at my home it become boon for me as I am getting lower electricity bill and now I am able to save my money from electricity. I bought my solar products from Loomsolar.com which was a premium brand store for solar products. I will highly recommend loomsolar.com to my known for solar products.

Solar system





S Apparao

S Apparao

I need solar system for 1 fan 1tv 2 lights how much cost

K N Soman

K N Soman

Very nice.

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