What is the Best Solar Battery Charger?

It would obviously be frustrating and wastage of your investment if solar battery couldn’t be used again. Maybe that’s why, solar battery actually always comes as a rechargeable equipment for one’s use.

An MPPT charge controller proves to be the best one to charge a battery as it can supply more energy. Whereas, a PWM charge controller is appropriate for the ones with less energy supply. Most of the lead-acid batteries can be charged using a PWM charge controller. But, a lithium-ion solar battery generally uses an MPPT charge controller that enables it to become even more efficient and better than a lead-acid battery. But it can also be done through a PWM charge controller if suitable programming is made to it.

On the other hand, for a home-lighting system, a charge controller from 10Ah to 20 Ah is available for a DC-to-DC flow of energy. But in case of DC to AC, one may use the MPPT charge controller, as it charges the battery as well as enables the working of the appliances like lights, fans, etc.

For instance, Loom Solar’s Fusion, is the best for a DC-to-DC flow of electricity.

But what’s recommended, is that if the warranty life of your inverter is near about to or say, ends, you may use an MPPT inverter instead of a charge controller.

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