How can I run Water Pump without Electricity?

Lately, we have seen large scale and rapid adoption of solar powered water pumps in the agriculture sector in India. Solar powered water pumps,as the name suggests, use solar energy to run. These solar powered water pumps are extremely cost-effective, durable, easy to install and require minimum maintenance when compared to the normal water pumps. The life of an installed pump can be as long as 20 years. These systems are best alternatives in areas where there is no electricity or reliable supply is not available.


In this article, we will be focusing on using solar powered water pumps for residential purposes.

What is the need of Solar Powered Water Pumps?

 What is the need of Solar Powered Water Pumps

As per our consumer interactions, there are top 3 reasons behind it, such as:


i) 100% Grid Dependency - Today pumps are dependent largely on the grid. If there is a power cut the pumps will not work. This can bring the whole household to a standstill.


    ii) Timely Schedule - Since you can freely use the solar power during day time and stored power at a time when there is no daylight, you can practically work 24*7 using a solar powered water pump, as opposed to a conventional water pump.


      iii) ~95% of Hand pumps are now obsolete - Hence you will require some kind of force/ energy to draw underground water for your household chores.

      What is solution of this?

      What is solution for running water pump

      i) In houses - If your water motor is ½ Hp, you can easily use a 2 kw off-grid solar system,


      and ii) If the water motor is 1 Hp you can use 3 kw solar system to run the same.

      What is 2 kw Off Grid Solar System? 

       2 kw Off Grid Solar System

      This solar system is ideal for big homes, shops, and offices. This solar system generates 10 units every day, requires 200 sq. feet of rooftop space for installation and provides return on investment in 5.5 years with Rs. 3,000 electricity saving every month. Read more...

      3 kw Off Grid Solar System 

       3 kw Off Grid Solar System

      This solar system is ideal for big homes, shops, and offices. This solar system generates 15 units every day, requires 300 sq. feet of rooftop space for installation and provides return on investment in 5.5 years with Rs. 4,500 electricity saving every month. Read more...


      Many consumers/ residential owners are not convinced that solar power capacity of 2 kw or 3 kw can efficiently solve their purpose. Here is a real use case, where you can see a solar powered water pump working efficiently: 


      Enjoy with this video!


      How to Buy

      EMI Option

      The solar powered solar systems costs around Rs. 2- 3 lakh. But we have an easy and hassle free installment payment system to take off the extra financial load off your shoulders. You can follow our EMI calculator and choose the most desired option for yourself from the Paisa Bazaar. It is India's No. 1 Loans & Cards Marketplace.


      India's No. 1 Loans & Cards Marketplace




      Solar power system has entered the humble homes of common people given its reducing costs and improving efficiencies. It is now giving traditional power a tough competition. It now makes complete economic sense to install a solar system at your home, particularly at places located away from the grid. Not only does it give economic stability but also grants independence from the grid. Solar power systems are perfectly capable of meeting your household needs of power for lighting, cooling, and water pumping purposes. 


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      Cheap Pond Filters

      Cheap Pond Filters

      This blog post was motivational and enlightening because it discussed solar-powered alternatives to conventional water pumps for homes. The benefits of using solar power for home water pumping systems were explored, with an emphasis on the positive effects on the environment and financial savings. The article broke down a solar water pump system and included advice on how to set it up and keep it running smoothly. I thought it was helpful that real-world examples and case studies were provided to illustrate how solar-powered solutions might be implemented effectively. If you’re a homeowner looking for eco-friendly, low-energy options for pumping water, this post is for you. I appreciate you letting me in on your wisdom.

      For More Info:-

      Pool Pumps For Sale

      Pool Pumps For Sale

      A solar-powered water pump can have several advantages, some of which are discussed in this blog post. This essay is a fantastic resource for anybody thinking about installing or using a solar-powered water pump.

      For More Info:-

      Jagnarayan Sharma

      Jagnarayan Sharma

      I need one solar for 1/2 hp pump motor for home purpose.



      Required solar 1 ho moter run by solar panel without battery
      By run solar panel through
      We need it

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