Can an E-Rickshaw Run on Solar Panel?

Now-a-days we are seeing increasing number of E-rickshaws on the streets of every city. Electric motor runs these rickshaws. The motor is powered by batteries fitted with rickshaws. These batteries are supplied with 230 volts of power supply which is charged with common socket. On a full charge battery the rickshaw runs as much as 80 km.


Today we can also generate electricity with the help of solar panels. Solar power gives us some degree of power supply and makes your system independent. So the question is, why not run a rickshaw by connecting solar panels on the rickshaw itself? Is this is possible that due to such solar rickshaw, its battery also gets charged? And again and again he has to 230 volt socket Do not carry for charging?


e rickshaw battery


This is a really good question. In response, we will see why this is not entirely possible?


Solar Panel Installation Video on E-Rickshaw

In this video, we have explained every steps, you should watch this once time. A summarize information of this video is:


Step 1: Measurement of E-Rickshaw Roof

Step 2: Build Panel Stand 

Step 3: Mount Solar Panels

Step 4: Connection between Panel, Charge Controller, Battery

Step 5: Testing during the day time


Suppose the rickshaw motor is 1000 watts. And suppose that the rickshaw runs 60 km on the entire charge. These figures it may be a little less, but still we will make a simple calculation from them.


The speed of the rickshaw keeps on decreasing in the city, but suppose that it runs at an average speed is of 20 km per hour. That means, the rickshaw runs on full charge 60/20 = 3 hours.



Now because the rickshaw motor is 1000 watts, the rickshaw is 1000 watts x 3 hours = 3 kilowatt-hour (kWh) = 3 units in a day, as much electricity will use energy. Suppose the battery of this rickshaw was fully charged from the power supply at night. So this means that the battery capacity is 3 units, or more. If there are 4 batteries of 12 volt in the rickshaw, then each battery is rated 3000/4 = approx. 60 Ah, or more.


By the way, using a very large battery, the rickshaw will do more. But this suggestion is not fully practical. Because of the very large battery.The weight will also be very large, due to which the average speed of the rickshaw will be reduced.


The above calculation applies to the rickshaw which does not have a solar panel. Now we will see that by installing solar panel what will be benefits of it?


The solar panel produces 1000 W = 1 kW of solar electricity in about 10 square meters. Size of E-rickshaw, A panel of at least 4 square meters may be placed on it. Rickshaws run and park by installing even bigger panels. There will be difficulty in doing this, and the panel may also damage.




With its 4 square meter panel, the rickshaw will get 600 W power in the afternoon. If the rickshaw remains in the sun for 5-6 hours in the afternoon or If going in the sunlight, the 400 watt solar panel will generate about 2 units of solar energy.


We saw above that the battery capacity is 3 units or more. If the rickshaw stays in the sun for 5-6 hours in the afternoon or it goes, then it will get an additional 2 Unit will get energy. So the range of rickshaws, that is, the ability to cut distances, will increase in the same proof. That means its range will be 40 x 5/3 = 100 km, provided that the battery was fully charged before noon


But the reality is that it is not possible to keep or run E-rickshaws in the sun for 5-6 hours in the afternoon. There are thin roads, And both of them big buildings. Suppose the rickshaw got 50 percent sunlight. Then its range will be 40 x 4/3 = 40 km. This means that the rickshaw gets only 20 km from the solar panel.


This arithmetic indicates that the benefit of the rickshaw trade by installing solar panels is proof of the cost of the panel. I am very limited. And that too depends on how much sunshine a rickshaw can eat in the afternoon.



In the future, the efficiency of solar panels receiving solar energy may increase. Then maybe given above There was a lot of improvement in mathematics. But till then, we will have to follow this math!


How to Buy?

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Sandip Sahana

Sandip Sahana

Dear sir,
I have a e-rikshaw .Now I want to make it solar powered.As I want to install solar panels onto it.Howmuch will it cost ?
Please let me know.I am from Murshidabad,west bengal.waiting for your reply.

Vivekananda Mandal

Vivekananda Mandal

I am searching of solar panel single piece having 144 cel mono perce half cut with open voltage above 90 volt 390 watt for 48 volt e rickshaw battery 100 ah

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