A step-by-step guide for Net Metering

The economics of rooftop solar has improved over the years. It is now cheaper to install rooftop solar systems in few parts not connected to grid. Given the scarcity of land, improving technology and reducing the cost of installing solar, many people and institutions are installing solar power systems on the rooftops. One of the major attractive propositions of installing a rooftop solar system in your establishment is the availability of credits in one’s electricity bill. In order to claim the credit, installers need to have a net meter installed at their place which keeps a tab of power that was sent back to the grid. It is one of the major pre-requisites for claiming a rebate on the electricity bill. 

As convenient as it sounds, the entire process could be a bit daunting for a newbie in the solar industry. The process of installing net meters involves certain procedures including reports, documentation, etc. The implementation of net metering policy in India has been process oriented as the DISCOM gives more focus on safety precautions for everyone. Each state's DISCOM has a different net metering policy. The net metering policy in India is facing many challenges currently but it will be simple in future. Lengthy clearance and approval processes being the major ones. Solar installers face long approval processes which can last anywhere between 3-6 months.

Checklist for Net Metering Approvals

net metering check list

When JE comes for site inspection for net metering, he/she checks the following parameters before approving the net meter.

Si. No. Parameters to be Checked Sub-parameters
1 Solar PV Modules


Rating/Qty - 375WP/14

No. of Input Strings - 14

No. of Modules in one string - 14

2 Solar PV Inverter


Inverter Model Number - ENPHASE IQ7+

Rating / Qty - 290 VA / 14

MPPT DC voltage range - 290 VA / 14

Output supply type - 220V

No. of Termination points - string

Cross selection of cable - 2c x sq.mm.

Installation provision - yes

3 Earthing Type

PV Panel - yes

PV Inverter - no

Lighting Arrester - yes

4 Protection

AC Breaker - Installed

DC Breaker - Installed

Lighting Arrester - Installer

5 Meter Installation

Space for Net Metering - Provided

Space for Solar Meter - Provided

Earthing Leakage Device Installed - Installed

Existing Cable Size - 2cx10 sq.mm.

New Cable Size/length (if required) -

Required Net Meter type/Qty - 3/1

Required Solar meter type/Qty- na

What is net metering ?

Net metering is a kind of meter which is used for import and export of unit by electricity company ? This device help in measuring unit to generate electricity bills.

What is benefits of net metering?

You can export your solar generation to discoms when you have no use of electricity and later on during night or other time you can take it back, so you don’t need pay any extra electricity bill if you don’t import excess electricity than export from discoms.

Why it takes so much time to get new metering after application submission?

Its very simple, currently discoms are charging high rate approx. rs. 7 per unit for residential home whereas cost of solar generation is much cheaper approx. rs. 2.99 per unit. So discoms don’t want to loose their money from existing home owners. Besides, there are some jr. engineer who delay this process by finding some faults in installation process or document compliances.

Some of the states such as Gujarat and Rajasthan have made favourable policy so it takes lesser time in net metering process, usually around 10-15 days.

Why electricity bill is increased when net meter is installed ?

What happens when you install net metering after that it should also incorporate in electricity bills. It means exported unit should be visible in bills so at many places this complain raised that export unit are not visible in bills so your bill not reduced so after some initial complain its adjusted and your billing amount gets reduced, later on its corrected for lifetime.

Has any one benefited from net meter?

Absolutely yes, there are many such customer who adopted this on grid solution with net metering and finally they are so happy as they have successfully reduced their electricity bill to almost 0. One of them customer is …..from

What is net metering policy in each state?

So some of the states of have adopted gross meter policy, it means you generate solar electricity and if you export to discoms you are paid at approx. rs. 2 to 3 per unit. So where gross metering policy is adopted, you should install as much you needed otherwise you won’t get much benefited.

How much cost in net metering installations?

Usually it cost in between rs. 10,000 to rs. 15,000 including testing and installations but some states may charge little more.

What is process of net metering installations?

Broadly net metering installation is same across all states but some state/UT may differ so you must visit to your block/divisional office to get more details.

Step 1: Fill the form  (online/offline) to apply for net metering and submit divisional officer

Step 2: Jr. Engineer will visit the site and after inspection he will provide confirmation to install the solar system

Step 3: Once solar system is installed, Submit required documents such as

  • Net metering fee
  • Property paper
  • Solar system certifications
  • Installation certificate from installer

Step 4: Again Jr. Engineer visit your site to audit proper installation, if all compliance are met they will issue net metering and also will install at your premises. (In some states you can buy net metering from out side market from authorized company and after testing of this net metering you can install it.)

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Property should be in your name
  2. Installation capacity should not be greater than sanction load, if in any case sanction load is lower then you must apply to increase sanction load.
  3. you must have solar panel, inverter and earthing data sheet and test report
  4. Arrange certificate of installation from Installer/system integrator
  5. Solar panel, inverter, earthing and ACDB/DCDB should be installed as per MNRE guidelines 

Checklist for Net Metering Approvals

net metering check list

When JE comes for site inspection for net metering, he/she checks the following parameters before approving net meter.  

Customer's response about Net Metering

Since consumers are always looking for buying net meters but have no clear idea/ direction of how to proceed, we thought of coming up with this piece so as to throw some light on the subject matter. This article will talk about different steps involved in procuring a net meter in different states (now in 4 states). The steps are self-explanatory with screenshots. 

 Let’s start off with the northern state of Punjab.

1. Net Meter in Punjab

Punjab has the tenth largest installed solar power generation capacity in the country. The state’s solar capacity at the end of 2018 stood at 845 MW. Solar accounts for more than 6% of its total installed electricity generation capacity. A robust net metering policy in the state would further support the state’s solar targets.

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2. Net Meter in Haryana

Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency is taking proactive measures to promote solar in the state. Haryana is one of the richest states in India strategically located near India’s capital of Delhi and cities like Gurgaon and Faridabad have benefited hugely from being part of India’s National Capital Region (NCR). Haryana mandates installation of rooftop solar on government buildings from time to time.

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3. Net Meter in Delhi

The Indian capital of New Delhi is one of the most polluted cities not only in India, but the whole wide world. Though the government is taking strict action to promote rooftop solar by mandating it for government buildings and facilities, not much success has been achieved in the overall rooftop solar installation numbers. Delhi aims to generate 2000 MW of solar energy by 2025 and is also trying to lift up rooftop solar power generation. 

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4. Net Meter in Maharashtra

Maharashtra has the eighth largest installed solar power generation capacity in India. The state’s solar capacity at the end of 2018 stood at 1,311 MW, with solar now accounting for 3% of the overall installed electricity generation capacity. 

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5. Net Meter in Karnataka

net metering in karnataka

Karnataka ranks best in roof top solar development. It has emerged as the best state for setting up a roof top solar project, according to a survey released by the Centre. The state rooftop solar attractiveness index–SARAL released by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy on Wednesday said that Telangana, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh were among the top four states with a rating of A++. The states were evaluated on the basis of on their attractiveness for rooftop development.

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Which company is best for net meter?

L&T is a leading player in the electricity metering segment in India. It has designed single-phase and three-phase meters. Are you thinking of buying net meter for your home? We recommend - L&T Company Net Meter.It is approved by the state electricity board. The price of 3 phase net meter is Rs. 7,600 and it available in some electrician shops.

Information for Solar Net Metering Connection

Please read carefully before online submission



Flow chart for Installation of Rooftop Solar PV System under Net Metering Arrangement


Application Form for Rooftop Solar PV System under Net Metering (Annexure-I)


Acknowledgement of Application Form (Annexure-II)


Letter of Site Inspection (Annexure-III)


Certificate of Site Verification (Annexure-IV)


Authorisation for Net Metering Connection (Annexure-V)


Net Meter Connection Agreement (Annexure-VI)


Self-Certification Report of Applicant (Annexure-VII)


Work Completion Report for Net Metering Arrangement (Annexure-VIII)


Net Metering Connection Order (Annexure-IX)


HERC (Rooftop Solar Grid Interactive System Based on Netmetering) Regulations 2014 & Amendments (Annexure-XI)


DHBVNL Sales Circulars & Instructions (Annexure-XII)


UHBVNL Sales Circulars & Instructions (Annexure-XIII)


List of Empanelment of Firm For Supply of Net Meter (Annexure-XIV)


The implementation of net metering policy in India has been shaky as the DISCOMs do not want to lose on the customers who pay them a high power tariff. This has become a huge challenge for solar vendors and interested customers. The net metering policy in India is facing many challenges currently. Lengthy clearance and approval processes being the major ones. Developers face long approval processes which can last anywhere between 3-6 months.


If you are planning to install solar system for home, business, clinics, showrooms, schools, offices, petrol pumps and want to run Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Water Motors, Washing Machine, Lights and Fans, then you can see our on-grid solar systems as per sanctioned load and rooftop space.

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How can i apply for solar net meter.

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Virendra Singh

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I am interested in Solar system with net meter.but how to procceed & how much Kw I can plan .purposse to reduce electricity bill

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