Loom Solar 1kW Solar Panel - Shark 450W * 2, 24V PV Module

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Loom Solar provides the most popular solar panel for homes i.e. 1kW. It is equivalent to 1000 Watts. Most of the 1kW solar designs are in 24V pv modules. So, we have chosen Shark 450W*2 or Shark 455W*2. You can choose any of the solar panels. The purpose of buying this capacity of solar panels is to charge existing battery charging. After installing these solar panels, you will always have electricity in your applications such as homes, shops, and more.

Why should you choose it?

1kW solar panel is using those location where there are many frequent power cuts specially suitable for rular areas or villages. When you install this, you can charge two number of 150Ah during the day time and you can run entire home appliances exluding water pump and air conditioner. In simple, you will the following benefits:

  1. You will get 24x7 electricity during the power cut and run entire home apliances.
  2. There is no premission required to install this solar system becuase it is installed for stand-alone solar system.

How much cost for 1kW solar panel in India?

The cost of 1kW solar panel only is Rs. 33,000 to 45,000 based on technology, wattages, voltage range, delivery location, and more. A cost of single solar panel only is Rs. 11,000 to 16,000 when you plan to install 1kW solar panel then you need to buy 2 to 4 solar panels.

1kW solar panel how many units per day?

A solar panel works 300 days out of 365 days so we can calculate average generation according to 300 days. 1kW solar panel generates 4 to 5 units per day and 1,200 to 1,500 units yearly. Below is monthly generation report, you may refer it:

 Month Generation (in Units)
January 103
February 112
March 140
April 142
May 137
June 119
July 107
August 119
September 123
October 125
November 106
December 103

How many batteries required for 1kW solar system?

1kW solar system has 2 number of batteries that can be solar battery or normal battery. 24V solar inverter supports both batteries. At this time, you can not connect lithium battery with 1kW solar inverter due to charging profile of solar inverter. A battery capacity can depend on power cut duration or storage capacity of your need. The pooular battery is 150Ah but you can choose 80Ah, 120Ah, 150Ah, 180Ah or 200Ah based on your budget and your need.  

What is size of 1kW solar panel?

A solar panel requires shadow free area to install it so you must know size or installation area required. A size of 24V solar panel is 7 * 4 ft. (+/- 10%) and according to this, you need 56 sq. ft. shadow free area to install it.

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