How to get solar subsidy in Jharkhand, 2021-22

The government announced a 40% subsidy for up to 3 kW system but it was difficult to get funds due to the pandemic. The subsidy is available for residential homeowners who install on-grid solar systems. It is provided by the state discom company after submitting the complete installation documents on their portal.

The Jharkhand government (JREDA) is providing a 40% solar subsidy in the state of Jharkhand directly to the residential customers through its approved local channel partners. As per the deal, solar subsidy is available only for on-grid solar power plants and no subsidies are available in hybrid or offgrid plants. You should be the homeowner to avail the subsidy. If you are a tenant, you may avail the subsidy on behalf of your homeowner.

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Mukesh Pandey

Mukesh Pandey

I have registered as a dealer in this company. Please suggest me how can I earn more money by this Scheme.

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