Smarten Superb 5250 mppt inverter 5 KVA / 48 Volt

with 2 Years Warranty
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Rs. 69,546
Rs. 50,500

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Smarten Superb 5250 is a mppt based solar power conditioning unit (PCU). It is a unique product because all manufacturers makes 5 kva inverter in 96 volt (8 battery system). If you are having shorter power cuts but wish to run high power consuming home appliances such as Microwave Oven, Air Conditioners, Water Gysers, This is one of the best product to purchase in 5 KVA / 48 Volt. Mppt makes it high efficiency inverter. 


Technical Specifications



charge controller technology


Max. panel support

3000 watt panels

Max. PV voltage

120 volt

Input Panel Current 

50 amps

No. of batteries required

4 (100 – 220 Ah)

Display type LCD Screen



Manual / Warranty card

Download product manual to know product in details, its warranty terms, understand how to install and troubleshoot the errors while operating the solar inverter. 

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