Microtek solar inverter msun 1735 VA - off grid

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Product Summary

Microtek MSUN 1735 VA is a off grid solar inverter which is designed to give power using solar panel. It is the best inverter in less than ₹ 10,000 to with 1200 Wp Solar Panel support. This is a 24V systems which works with double battery system. 

  • 1200 Wp Solar Panel connectivity
  • Pure Sine Wave output
  • Digital display with LED indications


Running Power

Fans (5-6), Lights (10-15), Television (1), Refrigerator 500 L (1), Desktop / Laptop (4)


1735 VA

Battery System

24 V (double battery)

Battery support

80 Ah ~ 200 Ah

Panel Support

1200 Wp

Battery Full charging time

6- 8 hours



Wave Type

Pure Sine Wave

Solar panel current

30 amps

Charger Technology


Transfer Time

≤ 12 msec.

Mains Re-Connect / Dis-Connect Voltage

23.4 V  & 28.8 V

Voltage Window

100 V – 300V (Standard)

180V – 260 V (Narrow)

Inverter monitoring – Display

Microtek solar inverters are made with customer friendly monitoring system, there are two kinds of display in inverters to monitor functioning of solar inverters. 

Led display

  • utility grid available
  • solar charging
  • ups on
  • battery is low
  • overload
  • battery charging form electricity

 Lcd display

  • battery voltage – charge level of battery
  • load % - power consumption as a % of total inverter power
  • output voltage
  • pv voltage – solar panel generating voltage
  • pv current – solar panel generating power in amps
  • grid voltage – utility grid voltage level
  • grid charging current – amp with which battery is being charged
  • electricity saved - kwh

User Manual / Warranty Card

Download product user manual to understand technical in detail and how to install it


    Ask a Question
    • Is it complusary to add solar panel of 1200 wp ? If i only add a solar panel of 350w then it work or charge or not?

      Yes sir, you can connect single panel.

    • Wattage of UPS ??? And inbuilt MPPT??

      Microtek solar inverter msun 1735 is a 1735 va / 1390 watt inverter. It has inbuilt pwm solar charge controller of 30 amps. 

    • Recently I have installed a hybrid solar system with 960 w solar panel, two batteries and Microtek M sun 1735VA inverter. I understand that during day time, when sufficient sunlight is available, the solar system runs the appliances and with the excess power charges the batteries. the LED indicators that are lit up at that time are SOLAR and UPS. However, at that time charging indicator remains unlit. When there is no sun or insufficient sunlight, the LED indicator for MAINS and CHARGING lights up. Does this mean that the batteries are being charged from the MAINS ? Before installing this system, my daily average consumption was about 9 to 10 kw. after installation, the same is 7 to 8 kw. Is that normal ? Of course, since installation, the availability of sunlight is disturbed due to frequent overcast sky. Also there is frequent changeover from mains to solar and vice versa during dawn and dusk. Please comment.

      In Microtek msun model starting from 935VA - 2035VA, the working features are same. During day time, when sufficient sunlight is available, the solar system runs the appliances and with the excess power charges the batteries. Mains on means, Grid supply is available, it has no relation with sun availability. There are two types of display in inverter, 1) LED display and 2) LCD display.  At night, when battery volage drops to a certain level, grid starts charging the battery. in LCD display it will show, grid charging current. 

    • Sar jab battery full charge ho jati hai toh inverter solar power ko by pass Marta hai. Microtek m sun 1735 va

      in Solar off grid hybrid inverter, once, Battery is fully charged, It sends power generation to loads. so that all your home applianes runs on solar panels. 

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