Luminous solar nxi 4 kw on grid solar inverter

with 5 Years Warranty
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Product Descriptions

Luminous Grid Tied Inverters are powerful inverters that converts direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC), It is also called On grid system which works without battery.The Main purpose of Grid tied inverter is to supply power from Mains supply to home/offices and feed the Generation of solar Power to Mains supply  

Grid Tie Inverters are designed to quickly disconnect from the grid if the utility grid goes down. It ensures that in the event of a blackout, the grid tie inverter will shutdown to prevent the energy it transfers from harming any line workers who are sent to fix the power grid. 


Key Features

  • On Gird/ Gird Tied inverter for Saving electricity bill by selling access generation of Solar Power to Power distribution Company through Net metering system. 

Key Technicals

Model Name

NXI 140

System Rating

4 KW, Single Phase

Maximum Solar Panel Connection (Watts)

4000 Watts



Feed in Phase

Single phase


Transformer less

Number of MPPT Controller



< 30dBA

Weight (kg)

9.8 Kg

Dimensions [H *W *D]

339 * 565 * 172


Ask a Question
  • Can we start AC from it and what is the maximum power backup of this inverter?

    Luminous NXI- 3 KW is an on grid solar system, it does not connect with battery, if you are looking for an inverter that runs Air-conditioners, then you should look for Luminous 3 kw NXT off grid solar system. 

  • Inverter is with solar panel or we it has to be purchased extra

    You need to purchase solar panel extra with it. This is only the inverter, If you have any further queries please call our solar experts 8750778800

  • How many electric appliances can be used on your solar panel and what r the maintenance charges

    in Luminous inverter model NXI 3 kw, you can run everything on soalr during the day, it includes Air-conditioners, Washing machines, Television, Refrigrator, fans and lights. The system works in sync with the grid. By Installing 3 kw on-grid solar system, the power consumed during the day can be saved. Solar panel needs a very little maintenance, it just needs cleaning once a quarter. 

  • 1.5mt AC is run in night what is cost of inverter

    If you want to run a 1.5-ton ac in the night then you at least need a 5kw off-grid solar system. If you have any further quires you can connect with us at 8750-7788-00.

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