Luminous shine 3650 solar conversion kit 50 amps, 24V / 36 volt charge controller

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Product Summary

Luminous shine 3650 is latest product launched by Luminous to add up to  2000 watts of solar panel on 2 kVA or 2 battery system inverter. It an upgraded version of solar charge controller which converts conventional inverter into hybrid solar system. i.e. if you already have inverter and battery, By adding suitable solar panel and shine 3650 retrofit, your existing ups / inverter will be converted into solar hybrid inverter. It works with double battery (24V) and tripple battery (36V) Inverter system.


The first priority of shine 3650 is to charge battery, in case of extra power generation, it will run home appliances such as fans, lights directly from solar panel. 


Model Name

Shine 3650

System rating

50 Amp @ 24 Volt, 36 V

Charging current (max)

50 Amp

Panel Support

single battery - 1000 watt

double battery - 2000 Watts



Wire Size (max)

16 square mm



  • solar optimization technique
  • digital lcd display 
  • inbuilt reverse polarity & reverse current protection


  • battery type selection switch
  • four operational modes: auto/manual/charger/100% solar
  • inbuilt protections for short circuit, over voltage and deep discharge 

Lcd display

  • battery voltage – charge level of battery
  • load % - power consumption as a % of total inverter power
  • output voltage
  • pv voltage – solar panel generating voltage
  • pv current – solar panel generating power in amps
  • grid voltage – utility grid voltage level
  • grid charging current – amp with which battery is being charged
  • electricity saved - kwh

Download the product manual to read technical details


Ask a Question
  • You mentioned we can connect 2000 watt pannel in double battery system (24v) But in the brochure it says maximum 1200 watt Which one is correct

    Sir, you can connect 6 panel of 350 watt means 2000 watt you can conncet.

  • Phir single battery kyon likha hai

    sir this is mentioned that connect solar panels  for single battery 1000 watt and for double battery 2000 watt.

  • 12 volt ki battery ko support karega

    No, sir, it will not work because of battery volt and charge controller volt must be the same.

  • I have 24v ups and 350 watts 24v 4no. Solar panels, how to connect the 4 panels series or parallels

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