Solar Ready - Luminous 12.5 KVA Inverter Battery Combo for Hospital & Petrol Pump

with 5 Years Warranty
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Rs. 400,000
Rs. 320,000

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Product Summary

Luminous 12.5KVA Inverter Battery with Solar is designed to give power supply for 4-5 hours to Petrol Pump, Hospitals, Schools, Ice-cream Factory in India having severe power cuts and unreliable electricity supply. You can add up to 10kW solar panels on this combo system. 


If you are business in a City or where Electricity is available and Power cuts are frequent, The Solar Combo helps you to save Electricity of almost 50 Units per day which is used in battery charging.

Main products 

Inverter - NXT 12.5 KVA (1 nos.)

Battery -  150 Ah (10 nos.)

running load

petrol pump nozzles, computers, hospitality machines, water pump, air conditioners, etc.

backup time*


5000 W

4000 W

3000 W

2000 W

1000 W


2 hrs 10 mint

3 hrs

4 hrs 30 mints

7 hrs 30 mints

18 hrs 30 mint

Technical Details

inverter model

NXG 12.5

inverter capacity

12.5 VA

battery included


standard installation included



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