Luminous 1 kw on grid solar system

with 5 Years Warranty
Save 40%
Rs. 125,000
Rs. 75,000

Check COD Availability (upto Rs. 5,000)

Luminous presents on gird solar inverter to save electricity bills. It is a recommended solution for homes and offices where there is negligible power cut and electricity tariff is very high. 1 kw system generates 5 units electricity per day and saves ₹ 1,500 electricity bills in a month. It occupies 100 square feet rooftop space in installation.

  • 5 units generation per day
  • money back in 5 years with ₹1,500 electricity bill saving per month
  • price inclusive of Installation exclusive of net metering 

Main products 

Inverter - 1 kw 

Solar Panels - 1 kWp (325  watt * 3 nos.)


Government does not provide any subsidy on installing solar on shops, offices, factories, commercial and industrial buildings. For homes, There is 40% subsidy for limited duration if purchased through impaneled channel partner.


Our Price includes the cost of installation. The following components are mandatory component as part of installation. 

a. Mounting structures

b. Bidirectional energy meter

c. Connecting cables and Accessories.  

Technical Details

inverter model NXI 110
inverter capacity 1 kw
efficiency Inverter - 97%,                    Module  >16%
solar panel 1 kwp (320 watts *3)
module type Poly-crystalline
battery required No
standard installation included yes
installation cost ₹15000 per kwp 


Ask a Question
  • Can we use off grid solar system directly to if the battery is not working

    Solar panel can be connected to the battery for charging during the day from sun. But it may harm the batteries if the current generated from solar panel is more than current requried to charge the battery. for example, if you have 150 Ah battery, you can easily connect solar panel upto 300 watts with the battery. As 150 ah battery requires 15 amps charging current, 2 nos. of 150 watt panel will max generate 15-16 amps current. 

  • I want to run 3-4 fans, 5-6 led, 2 coolers and 1TV. How much loader off grid solar power system should purchase me. Pl info me

    1 kw off grid solar system with 1000 watts of solar panel is sufficeint to run all your appliances including 3-4 fans, 5-6 led lights, 2 cooler and 1 led TV.  

  • Is 1 kva solar system is enough for one cooler,2 fan,and 5led bulbs

    1 Kw solar system is sufficient for running one cooler, 2-3 fans and 5- 10 led lights. 1 kw solar system runs a powre load upto 1000 watts. 

  • Can install 1 kw on gride solar system at Raigarh ,Chhattisgarh state pin -496001

    surely, You can install 1 kw on grid solar system in Raigarh, Loom Solar is an Indian company with All India presence. 

  • Can i run 2 nos 1.5 t ac and 3 ceiling fans at same time with on grid solar system. Already i have 3kw consumption permission from electricity board. I wat to install 1kw on grid solar system

    There is no limitations in on grid solar system. Surely, you can run 2 nos. of air conditioner with other home appliances running into your home. Since, you alrady have approval for 3 kw electricity consumption, there will be no problem in taking sanction to install 1 kw on grid solar system for your home. 

  • I want to use Electricity for now, in future I will buy solar panels, What type of batteries can I buy, which will be useful for both solar and regular electricity. I want to buy Two150Ah tubular batteries. Please suggest

    Here is the best recommended 1 kw solar system for you along with 2 nos. of 150 Ah solar battery with 5 yeras replacement warranty. 

  • Is 2kva solar system enough for a 1.5 ton ac

    On grid system is latest technology in solar, the main benefit of on grid solar system is "it does power sharing with grid supply". So, in case, there is lower power generation from solar Panel, it will take balance power from government electricity and run the air conditioner, If your main purpose is to run Air-Conditioner on Solar, go for 3 kw solar system 

  • It is mppt?

    all the on grid solar inverter is having in build mppt charge controller. 

  • What capacity of kW req for 3bhk flat.and can 1.5 ton AC run with solar

    You required at least 5 kW on-grid solar system to run all these appliances. For further details you can call to our solar expert they will help you out 8750778800

  • How many ac connect with sollar inverter

    You cant run ac through this system. To run a ac through solar you at least need a 3 kw system 

  • Does it not need battery , if not how we get power at night when sunlight is not available?

    solar on grid system comes without battery. it is designed to give power from sun during the day, if you want to have a system that works in day and night, then you need to use 1 KW off grid solar system.

  • Hoe many appliances can we use in 1kw solar battery. What is the full charging and power back up time

    You can use 3 to 4 fans 3 to 4 light 2 tv and wifi router and mobile charges with 1 KW system. The battery will take 8-9 hrs to get fully charged. And the backup will be for 6-7 hrs 

  • Sir can I run a 1hp submersible pump on 1KW of solar system.

    If your primary requirement is to run sumersible pump of 1 KW, it is must to have minimum 2 kw of solar system. 

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