(Solar Ready) - Loom Solar 800 watt Hybrid Solar System

with 25 Years* Warranty
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Product Summary

Loom solar introduces Hybrid Solar System i.e. you can run your home appliances such as Fan, Television, Refrigerator, Air-cooler, Air Conditioner during the day directly from solar without Inverters, Batteries and you can use it night time on battery bank. The Hybrid Solar System is designed to make every home solar powered in Metro city, big towns, Capital cities without hassles. 

On Grid Product Descriptions


Loom Solar

Panel Rating (Input)

375 Watts / Mono PERC Crystalline

Working Time

During the day (9 am – 5 pm)

Performance Warranty

25 Years


Fans, TV, Inverter Battery, Refrigerator, Blubs, Charging Sockets, etc. during the day time


Power Generation

Up to 2 Units/day


Rs. 14/Day

Rs. 420/Monthly

Rs. 4200/Yearly 

Net Meter


Remote Monitoring Device


Off Grid Product Descriptions


1100 VA (1 nos.)


150 Ah (1 nos.)

Solar Panels

540 Watt (180 watt * 3 nos.) (Mono Crystalline)

Backup Time

100W - 18 hrs. 30 minutes (Average) 

200W - 7 hrs. 30 minutes (Average)

300W - 4 hrs. 30 minutes (Average)

400W - 3 hrs. (Average)

500W - 2 hrs. 30 minutes (Average)

Running Load Fans, TV, Cooler, Lights, Refrigerator, Power Socket, etc.


Package components 

375 watt Solar panel and Micro Inverter

3 Solar panel stand:  made of galvanized iron

Connecting Cables and Connectors

NXG 1100 Inverter

150Ah Solar Battery

4sq.mm. 15 meter DC Wire

MC4 Connectors

Standard installation – Company will install




Orange : Solar is generating AC power

Flashing Red : There is no grid power available. 

Solid Red: There is no sun power available. 



AC output voltage

230 V, 1 phase

AC output power (Continuous)

~ 290 watts

AC output current

1.25 amps


IP 67, Water proof and dust proof

Installation type

Do it yourself

For technical support, call to Nishi Chandra - +91-9650443724 or email: nishi@loomsolar.com

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