Okaya 30Ah / 385 Watt hour Lithium Battery for Home Lighting System

with 3 Years Warranty
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Loom Solar developed Lithium batteries for DC application, Street lights and Home lighting system, 30 Ah / 385 watt hour lithium battery comes with many features and 3 years warranty.  


The Lithium battery cells used in this battery are also used in electric vehicles such as car, motorbike and Mobile battery.  


A lithium battery is the latest technology product in the battery storage market, It has many advantages including

1) faster charging - battery gets charged 100% in just 2-4 hours

2) It is maintenance-free 

3)  longer life - Compared to Lead-acid and SMF, Lithium battery has 2,000 cyclic life which translates in 10 years useable life.

4) lightweight - the weight of a lithium battery is 1/4th of Other comparable batteries such as SMF, lead-acid batteries. 


Battery capacity

385-Watt hour

Battery rating

30 Ah / 12. 8 Volts


Lithium phosphate

Charging time

2 – 4 hours

Cycle Life

More than 2000 times

Manufacturer Okaya


  • Charging within 2 -4 hours only
  • Zero maintenance
  • Self-discharge rate – 5% per month @ 25˚C
  • Higher AH Efficiency – 100%.



2.5 kg

Dimensions in mm

Length - 112 mm

Width -  115 mm


To get more technical specification, you can download from here.

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