Lithium Battery 30ah- 48Volt for Electric Vehicles

with 3 Years Warranty
Save 13%
Rs. 40,000
Rs. 35,000

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In order to fulfill ECO Friendly and Long life reliable battery packs, we have designed robust batteries with Intelligent BMS based on Lithium Ion Chemistry.

Loom Solar Lithium batteries are committed to deliver world class High Performance Lithium ION Battery Packs for EV & Smart Mobility.

We offer Lithium Batteries which are produced under stringent quality controls at origin of manufacturing & thereafter goes through high standard QC before reaching our customers.

Salient Features

  • Designed with high Cycle Life>2000 cycles
  • In House Capability of designing, robust BMS
  • Fast Charging
  • GPS Feature (Optional)
  • Easy replacement
  • More Mileage
  • Plug & Play
  • High Efficiency
  • Maintenance Free
  • Installation Flexibility
  • Light Weight
  • Longer Warranty
  • Eco -Friendly

Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifications Model Name LFP48030E
General Characteristics Chemistry LFP
Capacity(Ah) 30
Number of cell in series 13
Number of cell in parallel 11
Total number of cells 143
Nominal Voltage (V) 48
KWH 1.44
Electrical Characteristics Operating Voltage Range(V) 42-54 V
Charging Mode CC/CV
Recommended Charging Voltage(V) 54.5V
Standard Discharging Current(Amp) 20A (MAX)
Pulsed Discharge Current(Amp) 50
Standard Charging Current(Amp) 8Amp
Cell low cut protection level 2.7
Cell low cut protection recovery level 3
Cell high cut protection level 3.75
Cell high cut protection recovery level 3.6
Bleeding Start Voltage level 3.5
Over temperature protection in discharging mode 65 C
Over temperature protection recovery in discharging mode 65 C
Over temperature protection in charging mode 65 C
Over temperature protection recovery in charging mode 70 C
Protections Cell over voltage protection Yes
Cell under voltage protection Yes
Charging over current protection Yes
discharging over current protection Yes
output short circuit protection Yes
Cell temperature protection in discharging mode Yes
Temperature Characteristics Maximum working temperature 0 to 60C
Storage Temperature 0 to 60C
Warranty Cycle Life 85@DOD%  3 Years
Mechanical Characteristics Module Dimension (LXWXH) in mm 200x190x225
Cabinet Design IP65
Power Connector 3 Pin Plug
RS485/CAN Optional
Type of Cabinet Casing Metal
Battery Weight Net Weight(Kg). Approx. 15.1



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