Flin Energy Flinslim lite 5 kw -48 volt off grid solar hybrid inverter

with 2 Years Warranty
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Rs. 48,000
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Flinslim lite is a product of Flin energy a leading renewal energy company based out of Mumbai. Flin energy is known for making better products for customers. It is the only company in India that makes 5 kW off grid solar hybrid inverter with 48 volt battery system. a power load of 5 kw, mix of lights, fan, television, refrigerator, washing machine, water pump and 1.5 ton air conditioner will be running for 3- 4 hours on solar. 


system rating

5 kw

battery support

4 batteries (48 volt)

panel support

4000 watt

Inverter technology


peak efficiency


input solar charging

50 amps

max. pv array ocv

80 volt dc


10 kg

dimensions D x W x H (mm)

100 *285 *334


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  • इस पर 2hp की चारा मशीन चल सकती है

    Yes sir, you can run 2hp machine.

  • Can i run 3 hp normal ac submersible pump load amp 25

    No sir, it can not run this off grid inverter.

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