2HP AC Submersible Solar Water Pump

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Benefits & Limitations

- Solar pump works during day time, hence freedom from working at night.

- No fuel cost as it uses free sun light

- No requirements of conventional electricity and diesel fuel

- No requirement of long transmission lines and no transmission losses

- Easy to operate & maintain and long operation life

- Highly reliable and environment friendly

- Solar pump does not work in cloudy and foggy days

- Water output varies with the variance of the sun shine

- Solar panels require regular washing and cleaning as dust reduces the water output

Main Products

Solar Panels - 4kWP (Shark440W * 8 nos. )

VFD - 3HP Single Phase

Panel Stand - Customized

DC MCB - 2 Pole 10 Amp. DC MCB 

DC Wire - 6 sq mm. 15 meters pair

VFD Specs

DC Voltage - 260V - 400V

Technology - MPPT

Phase - Single Phase

AC Output - 180V - 220V

Warranty - 1 year


Note: Water Pump does not include here.

Installation Video


Download installation manual from here.

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