Solar System Installation

Solar system Installation

Installation of Solar Products requires Technical expertise and Installation is bit expensive. You should get in touch with Luminous service engineers for Installing Solar Products or Call us at 8750 77 88 00.

Installation Cost - Rs. 15 per Wp, So if you install 300 Watts panel, Installation cost will be Rs. 4,500/- Similarly, if you install, 1,000 watt panel - Installation Cost will be Rs. 15,000/-

Why Solar Installation is Costly?

  1.  Installation of Solar Solution needs Mounting of solar panel on the Roof, There will be structure made of anodised Aluminium which does not rust and last for decades.
  2. UV protected wires and cables are used which are lowest conductor resistance and high mechanical strength for varying weather conditions.
  3. Solar Certified engineer are required for Installation as Angle and Direction of Solar panel is very important. Any mistake here will directly impact Production of solar energy.  

Installation Demo:  How to Install a Solar UPS 

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