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Why You need FREE Solar Consultations?

If you are home owner and constructing your new house so you must be thinking to get connection of electricity. Earlier you had no choice and you used to apply electricity connection to your nearest discoms at their monopoly rate.


But time has changed now, In digital world, most of us have multiple choice. So here you can also choose your electricity type like traditional or natural solar energy.


If you are not aware about solar energy you can get free consultation on phone from our solar expert or even you can schedule engineer visit for your home.


What is Benefits of Solar Consultants ?

There are many benefits, some of them given below:

  1. You get answers of your unlimited questions
  2. You clear you misconceptions about solar energy
  3. Your rooftop site is inspected and you get clarity about your solar generations
  4. You know about all kinds of product and accessories used to build solar plant
  5. You get multiple choice / site design for solar installations
  6. You have clarity about costing of solar installations, so you prepare financing in advance
  7. You know exactly your return on investment and how much you save your electricity bills.
  8. We provide you comparison of products and installation with other brands
  9. it helps to build trust and good relationship with brand so you get better service etc.


Who Should apply for Solar Consultants?

Those home owners who are  getting high electricity bills like more than rs. 3,000 monthly and having enough rooftop space, say more than 300 sqft.

So if you find yourself among these home owners you must apply for solar consultancy:

  • If you have AC (Air Condition) 1 to 3 and running regularly
  • If you are a doctor and have medical equipment running using electricity
  • If you are running schools and have computers
  • If you have retails shops and roof space
  • If you have 3 bhk/4bhk house / villas
  • If you are engineers and have electrical equipment

Get FREE Solar Consultation

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