#Lithium battery is a mini multipurpose powerhouse


(5kWh, 48V)

Perfect energy storage solution for the heavy applications.

  • 2 times battery life
  • Consumes 50% less space
  • Takes 60% less recharge time
  • Needs no maintenance

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CAML10048 (5kWh, 48V)

Power Everything
Use your stored energy during day or night

In many applications, like homes, offices, EVs (electric vehicles) showrooms, hospitals, hotels, banks, etc there is a dire need to run some of the heavy appliances like, ACs, geysers, room heaters, induction cooktops, EV recharge points, data servers, lifesaving equipment etc. in most cases 24x7 or need based functioning is needed. In case of low voltage or power failure, the customer is looking for a reliable and cost effective solution.

With CAML 10048, look no further!

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Features you always wanted

Fast Charging

It can be charged 50% in just 30 minutes whereas normal battery takes 5 hrs.

2X Battery Life

It has 1500 - 2000 life cycles whereas normal battery has 500 - 1000 life cycles.

Wall Mounted

The weight of a lithium battery is 1/4th of Other comparable batteries such as SMF, lead acid batteries.

Digital Display

Easily monitors and controls the battery at anytime and from anywhere.

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No Maintenance

It is maintenance free.

Safe for Children

Release no gas, are suitable for most of the applications

Occupy 1/4 Space

It consumes 50% less space.

Communication Ports

It can be communicate three batteries simultaneously

Technological Advancement

Loom Solar’s products are inspired by nature and CAML Lithium batteries like the ship of desert camel, bring in sturdiness, power, stamina, eco-friendly, lower cost of ownership and much more!

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Most powerful battery in its segment. Can give backup upto 2 days in light load conditions. Capable to run 1 .5 Ton inverter AC upto 6 Hours

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Over 2000 charge cycles. Exceeds any other battery life by 2X

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IoT based KPI monitoring on your mobile anytime anywhere

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