Loom Solar - Fusion 1012 charge controller - 10 amps for Lithium batteries

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Product summary

Solar Charge Controller is must to have in a off grid system, It protects batteries from deep discharge and over charge by regulating the power coming from Solar panels and controlling power output. It also comes with a facility of running DC Load. 

Loom Solar introduced PWM based Solar charge controller with LED display, USB charging Option & dusk to dawn feature. Dusk and down feature is used in street light application where lights is switched off in the morning and Automatically it turns on in the evening.  This is the first charge controller in India made specifically to charge Lithium batteries used in Home and street lights. 

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Model Name

Fusion 1012

Manufacturer warranty

12 months

Maximum Charging current

10 Amp


12.8 Volt DC

Panel Support 250 Wp @ 12V 



  • 0.5 Amp / 5 Volt USB port for Mobile charging 
  • Load controller with LVD & dusk to dawn feature
  • Made for Lithium batteries, Does not support lead acid batteries. 


  • Short - Circuit
  • Overload
  • Reverse Connection
  • Low Battery Discharge
  • High Battery charge


  • Battery Charging- Yellow LED blinking
  • Low Battery – Red LED on
  • Battery Full Charged – Yellow LED stable
  • Reverse Connection, Error – Red LED on


Download product user manual. to understand detailed technical product information and how to install it.

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