Which solar system is good for reducing electricity bill?

Question - I live in Himchal Pradesh in Unna district. My electricity bill is too high, that’s why I want to install a solar system, but I am confused about how many kilowatts is sufficient for my home load.

I have 3 Air conditioner, 4 to 5 fans, oven, fridge, 3 TV, washing machine and other basic equipment’s in my home please suggest me the suitable solar system for that. 

Ans - 10 Kilowatt on grid solar system is sufficient for your load and reduces your electricity bill. Loom solar introduces the best 10 kW on-grid solar power system for homes. A 10-kW solar system generates 50 units every day from morning 9 am to 5 pm which is sufficient to run all appliances for your home.
This system is best suited for reducing your electricity bill. It will help you to cut-down your monthly bill from 60 to 100% depending upon the generation & usability.

Can I get a subsidy on it?  

Seeing the increasing growth of Solar Industry, subsidy facility on solar is available in every state of India. Both the central and state government offer subsidy on solar system to give finacial support and promote to solar energy.

Can I buy this solar system on EMI?

 Yes, it is possible to purchase a solar system on monthly instalments EMI. Loom Solar offer financing options to make solar system more affordable and accessible to homeowners. To know more about solar on Emi visit this https://www.loomsolar.com/blogs/collections/how-to-buy-solar-system-on-emi-without-credit-card

For, calculate your monthly Emi visit this https://loan.loomsolar.com/

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