What is the Latest Technology in Mono-Perc Solar Panel?

The latest technology for a mono-perc solar panel is a 445-watt solar panel which can generate electricity during the rainy season. Here, we will discuss about the best and the latest technology solar panel which is a 445-watt solar panel. 

What is the Requirement for Solar Panels?

The requirement of the solar panel is to reduce your electricity bills and to provide backup for emergency use. 

I want an 800-watt Solar Panel

If you want to install an 800-watt solar panel, we will recommend 445-watt, 2 solar panels. 

What is the Cost of 445 watt one Solar Panel?

The cost of a 445-watt one solar panel can range from Rs.30,000 INR. 

Which Modules are Available in Solar Panels?

The modules that are available in solar panels are Polycrystalline, Mono-Perc, Bifacial, TopCon, etc. 

Which Solar Panel will we get in 445-watt?

In a 445-watt panel, you will get the mono perc half-cut technology solar panels. 

Who Does the Installation?

You have to do the installation on your own, the company will not provide any installation team to install the single panel. But if you are installing a kW solar system then our company will provide the installation team free of cost. 

Where to Get the Structure for Installation?

For a single solar panel installation you will have to buy the structure by yourself for the installation of solar panels. 

Do Solar Panels Work Directly?

Solar panel absorbs sunlight and generate it into electricity. 

Where We Can Buy Solar Panels?

You can buy solar panels Online. You can buy solar panels from different online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and from our website. 


To install or to get more information about the solar panel you can book an engineer visit or you can consult the best solar panel manufacturer in your location. 

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