How Much do Solar System Cost for Home?

If you want to save your hard-earned money on electricity bills, then go for the solar system. It is the best investment as it allows to save money for future. Opting the solar system for home becomes you independent with your energy needs and you do not have to rely on electricity during an emergency time as it is given you power back up. In this article we will tell you about how solar system can helps you to save money. So, let discuss about the important things of solar system for home.

Types of Solar System

There are 3 available solar system for home, but each have different criteria for home solar system. Let discuss each one by one: -

On Grid Solar System: - This type of home solar system is suitable for those who wants to reduce their electricity bills and no electricity problem in their regions. In this type of solar system for home solar panels are generating electricity, and you can use it during the daytime as it’s the result of you only use solar system electricity and don’t need to pay the high electricity bills.

Off Grid Solar System: - This type of home solar system is suited for those areas where electricity is not available and long power cut is a big problem. There solar system for home become the most preferable choice as they have a solar battery who stores the power generated by solar panel and gives you during the power cut time.  

Hybrid Solar System: - This home solar system is best for those who want reduction in electricity bills and power back up from the solar battery also. This solar system for home has a battery to give power backup during an emergency time and connect with your electricity to deduct your monthly bills.

Solar expert says that the “hybrid solar system” is the optimal choice for your home because it will give you the power back up during the power cut as well as helps you to reduce your monthly power bill and gives you independence on your energy requirements.

Solar System for Home Price

The solar system for home price depends on serval factors like the size of solar system for home, type, technology, brand etc. The starting idea of on grid solar system for home price is Rs. 60,000 that will go up to higher in according to your energy consumption. As like the off grid solar system for home price starts from Rs. 1,05,000 and same go higher on your solar system need. This is the basic idea of solar system for home price. To get the accurate idea of costing then connect to solar professionals.

Which Appliances Can Run On Solar System?

This is totally depending on the size of solar system for home. Let suppose you have installed a 1 KW solar system then you can run the basic appliances like fan, TV, light, fridge, mixer grinder etc. as you have installed a 5 KW solar system for home then you can run big appliances like Air conditioner, washing machine etc. 5-kilowatt solar system is also suitable for large homes and commercial shops as well. The higher capacity of solar system for home can give the more energy benefits.

Is EMI available for Solar System for Home 

Yes, the EMI or loan options are available for the installation of solar system for home. Many banking and non- banking financial institutions offers the solar loan at the minimal rate of interest to promote the solar system for home. You can pay in monthly instalments without any hassle of making the one-time huge amount. As well as central and state government also offers the subsidy to homeowners for promote the installation the solar system for home.

Solar System For Home Customer Review


Solar system for home is a wise decision and a smart choice. They help you to save money in the long run without any hassle. With the government financial support solar system for home becomes more affordable as well as it is easy to maintain and gives you energy independence. So, considering the solar system for home is a good step towards your bright future.

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