How many kilowatts of solar system do I need to run “7 water motor” of 2 HP each?

Question – I am from Uttar Pradesh; I have a poultry farm where I want to run only water motors through solar system. I have 7 motors each of 2 HP capacity as well as in my area We are facing about 8 to 10 hours power cut due to it is difficult to run the business smoothly. Please guide me through the best solar system solution for it.

Ans. – First of all, to determine the kilowatt (kW) capacity of a solar system required to run 7 water motors of 2 horsepower (HP) each, we need to calculate the total power consumption of the motors and convert it to kilowatts.

1 HP is equivalent to approximately 0.746 kilowatts. Therefore, each 2 HP motor would consume 2 x 0.746 = 1.492 kilowatts of power.

For 7 motors of 2 HP each, the total power consumption would be 7 x 1.492 = 10.444 kilowatts.


Therefore, to run 7 water motors of 2 HP each, you would need a solar system with a capacity of approximately 10.444 kilowatts. It's important to consider factors such as motor starting currents, efficiency losses, and any other additional power requirements for accurate sizing of the solar system. Consulting with our professional solar installer, they will provide a more precise assessment based on specific requirements and local conditions.

As well as we are suggesting to you, an off gird solar system it will help you to run water motors during power cut because this system has a battery backup which give you an electricity during night and power cut and make you energy independent.


Q - How much space is required to install 10 kW solar panels on the rooftop?

A- On average, a rough estimate suggests that around 600-700 square feet of unobstructed rooftop space would be needed to accommodate a 10-kW solar panel system.

Q-How much does a solar system cost?

A- A 10 kW off grid solar system will cost you between Rs.10,00,000 to Rs.11,00,000.

Q- Is a solar loan available?

A - One can also buy solar panel on EMI/ loan facilities option for making their purchase easy.

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