Can We Charge Electric Vehicle On Solar Energy?

"An EV (electric vehicle) runs on PV ( photovoltaic Power)" sounds good. Is it possible?

No doubt! Solar energy can be a good source for regular EV chargers. As the demand for EVs is rising rapidly, costs increment in electricity bills too. And it is responsible for extra electricity consumption that promotes the need for fuel (like coal). So, where is clean energy?

We need to replace it with renewable and clean sources of energy. If we have the best replacement in the form of solar, Then why peoples refuse it?
The cost is not a considerable fact behind it. According to experts, people who can afford EVs. The majority can also invest in solar due to the lack of awareness about solar can be responsible.

Solar is the cheapest or can be proven good alternative energy for the majority of locations. The data of shows over 7100mW capacity of Karnataka, Telangana with 5000mW, and Rajasthan at 3rd place with 4400mW total solar efficiency installed.

Use Solar panels to charge EVs at Home

Charging EVs at home may prove costly. But in the long run, it helps to save electric bills. Let's prove it.
Suppose an electric car with a driving range of 250km per full charge and a battery capacity of 20 kWh.
For specifically charging a battery of EV, at least need a minimum sanctioned load of 5kW or above. It generally depends on the environment and the sunlight during the day.
example -
100% sunlight for 4.5 hours is sufficient to charge a 20kWh battery with 5Kw on the grid system. The rest of the energy offers to reduce electricity bills or utilized by home appliances.
Generally, the conditions are unsuitable for that need to extend panel wattage. That's the reason for preferring some reservations.

What if EV charging stations invest in solar energy?

This small step will help a lot in the Go Green project. Times of India (TOI) claims over 2.2 Million EVs available in India till 2023.
And the Average capacity of an EV's battery is around 50 kWh.

Calculation of Power Consumption

Total energy for full charge EVs = Number of EVs * Avg. efficiency of the battery
we get 2.2 million * 50kWh = 1100gWh

That's a result 1100gWh telling switch toward solar to save that amount of energy. There is rapid growth in the number of EVs estimation clarified that in 2027, no. of EVs on the road be over 9 million. So, there is a need to switch to renewable energy.

Solar at EVs Charging Stations

In the category of small EV chargers, solar can perform well when it comes to heavy vehicles that need to compromise with the size and area of installation. Requires more space to produce more energy.
Can we use solar as the primary source to charge EVs?
If you manage solar limitations, it will be the best primary energy.
If 10 kW solar panels with 10 kWh batteries price over 1 million. But generate revenue of 15-20 rupees per electric unit.


EVs need to launch universal removable batteries for fast service. Replacement of batteries like gas cylinder booking will play a game changer for EVs Market. Needs to upgrade technology in solar panels to make them more efficient for charging large-capacity batteries like 60kWh, or more. Frequent updates in technology can make the possibility of solar cars.

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