Solar Panel Price in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Kanpur is an industrial town of Uttar Pradesh with great importance. This town is located 80 km west of Lucknow, the capital city. Kanpur is situated on the south bank of river Ganga and is the biggest city of the state. Thus, it is popularly known as the industrial capital of the state. It is the main center of commercial and industrial activities.


Therefore, the city doesn’t experience many power cut issues. Although, the nearby areas like Sachendi, Purwa, Bithoor, Bindki, Ghatampur, Unnao, Kalyanpur, Rooma, Chakeri, Naubasta, and many more experiences frequent power cuts. During summers, Kanpur and the nearby areas are affected by power cuts which impact daily life to a great extend.

Nowadays, we can save on our monthly electricity bill by using solar energy as a substitute for our daily power needs.  Also, you can install an on-grid or off-grid solar panel to help yourself during power cuts. In this article, we will help you choose the right Solar System for all your needs in Kanpur.

Types of Solar System

There are two types of solar system available in the Kanpur city, such as Off Grid (With Battery) & Grid Connected Solar System (Without Battery). Below is the detailed information:

1. Off-Grid Solar System

off grid solar system

Off-grid solar system consists of a battery, solar panel, and an inverter. Thus, you can save electricity during the day in the battery and use the same during power cuts or during the night.

2. On-Grid Solar System

on grid solar system

On-grid solar system doesn’t have a battery. Although, it saves on your electricity bills and helps to draw electricity during the night via the grid.

3. Solar Water Pump

solar water pump

Solar Water Pump is an effective solution to draw water from open wells, bore well, streams, ponds, canals, etc.

4. Home Lighting System

home lighting system

Home lighting solar system is used to light up your house using solar energy.

    Cost of Solar Panel in Kanpur

    solar panel cost in kanpur

    The Indian market offers you various types of Solar systems whose prices are dependent on factors like technology, quantity, capacity, quality, and brand.  Also, the government provides subsidies on on-grid solar systems. Although, no subsidy is provided on solar systems used for commercial purposes. You can get 1 KW of Solar panels in around Rs. 30,000- 40,000.


    Si. No.

    Solar Panel Type

    1kW Solar Panel


    Bifacial Solar Panel

    Rs. 40,000


    Super High Efficiency solar panel

    Rs. 36,000


    Monocrystalline solar panel

    Rs.  37,000


    Polycrystalline solar panel

    Rs. 30,000

    The average price of Solar panels in Kanpur is Rs. 850 to 18,000 including all costs. The per watt price of the monocrystalline solar panel is Rs. 40 to 85 whereas for the polycrystalline solar panel is Rs. 25 to 50 per watt.

    Solar Panel and their pricing:

    solar panel

    There are many places in Kanpur and nearby areas where Solar panels are already installed and working efficiently. Solar Panels are installed in various public places like hospitals, supermarkets, schools, petrol pumps, offices, and personal properties like farmhouses, residential locations, and so on.

    Si. No.

    Solar Panel Watt

    Solar Panel Price


    10 Watt Solar Panel

    Rs. 8,50


    20 Watt Solar Panel

    Rs. 1,300


    40 Watt Solar Panel

    Rs. 1,900


    50 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel

    Rs. 2,400


    75 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel

    Rs. 4,000


    100 Watt Solar Panel

    Rs. 4,500


    125 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel

    Rs. 6,000


    150 Watt Solar Panel

    Rs. 6,000


    165 Watt Solar Panel

    Rs. 6,900


    180 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel

    Rs. 8,500


    330 Watt Solar Panel

    Rs. 9,899


    390 Watt Mono Perc Solar Panel

    Rs. 15,000


    Shark 440 Watt Mono Perc Solar Panel

    Rs. 18,000


    Shark 440 Watt Bi-Facial Solar Panel

    Rs. 20,000

    Getting a Solar Panel in Kanpur

    solar panel shop in kanpur                    

    If you want to locate a Solar Panel installer in Kanpur or nearby areas, you can contact the authorized dealers of Loom Solar, one of India’s leading Solar Panel Installation Company at their registered contact details:

    1. RM Info Business & Organization

    Shop Address: 283/7A Damodar Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - 208027, Ph: 096950 88556

    2. Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd.

    Corporate Office: Plot No. 14/6, Mathura Road, Sector 27B, Faridabad, Haryana -121003, Ph: 8750778800


    loom solar

    For installing Solar Panel in Kanpur or nearby areas like Sachendi, Purwa, Bithoor, Bindki, Ghatampur, Unnao, Kalyanpur, Rooma, Chakeri, and Naubasta, you can contact Loom Solar, one of the leading Solar Panel manufacturers in India to install Solar Panel on your house, office, school, petrol pump or any other residential or commercial location. You can get in touch with the engineers and get more information about the installation of solar panels.


    अजय सिंह

    अजय सिंह

    15 watt का सोलर पैनल लगवाना है चक्की और exppeller के लिए फुल जानकारी देने की क्रपा करें

    Rahul Kumar

    Rahul Kumar

    3kw system kitne ka hoga

    Rahul Kumar

    Rahul Kumar

    3kw system kitne ka hoga

    akash singh

    akash singh

    mai solar lagvana chahta ho kam se kam 2 battery 150 amh ki battery charger ho kya bata sakte hai ki kitne me lagega



    want to install solar plant, Pls contact at 7008295234, 8881260111

    Raj kumar pandey

    Raj kumar pandey

    me apne degree collage me 5kw ka solar system lgwana chahta ho plz send me quatation with many batteries will be use.

    hemendra sharma

    hemendra sharma


    aniket kumar

    aniket kumar

    mare par 2 150ah ki bet hai or 2250 va ka inverter bhi hai mai .
    mai solar lagwana chata hu .
    kitne watt kar solar lena padge.
    pls tell me



    Sir mere pass 1100va microteach ka normal inverter aur 150 tall tubler battery hai isko solar inverter banane k liye kitne panel lagane padenge kitna kharch aayega please reply kare…



    मैं 330 w के पैनल लगवाना चाहता हूँ साथ मे 150 amh की बैट्री और इनवर्टर लगवाना चाहता हूँ इसका कितना खर्च आयेगा कृप्या कोटेशन भेजे

    Sanjeev Nayan Gupta

    Sanjeev Nayan Gupta

    मै एक 5kw आफग्रिङ सिस्टम लगवाना चाहता हूँ और अभी केवल 2kw के शार्क440 पैनल लगवाना है और बाद मै बाद मे जरूरत के अनुसार 5kw तक पैनल
    लगवा सकता हूँ क्या चार बैटरी के साथ mppt इनवर्टर ,2kw के शार्क पैनल मे कितना खर्च आयेगा।मेरे मेल पर प्लीज कोटेशन भेजे धन्यवाद सर

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