7kW Off Grid Solar System Price in India, 2024

A 7kW solar system is a designed to cater high power demand from solar to run offices, commercial shops and factories independently without using government electricity. It generates 50 kwh /units a day using sun power, batteries are provided to supply power at night and it stores up to 18,000 watts of electricity.

  • 35 units generation every day
  • 500 to 750 sq. feet rooftop space required installation
  • return on investment in 5 years with 11000 electricity saving every month.

Purpose of Installation - To Reduce Electricity Bill

big home

If you are facing problem to get meter connection from government electricity board or if you have power cut or low voltage problem in your area, then solar power system is beneficial for you. But, how can you decide which capacity of solar system will installed? So, here is expert guidance:

7kW capacity of solar system is generally using in big size of home with commercial space, such as medical clinic, shop, school, ice cream factory, etc.

How many solar panels in 7kW Solar System?

solar panels

If you choose a polycrystalline solar panel (maximum wattage of solar panel is 330W), then you will get 21 pieces of solar panels, and If you choose monocrystalline solar panel (maximum wattage of solar panel is 375W), then you will get 18 piece of solar panels and if you choose super high efficiency solar panels (maximum wattage of solar panel is 430W), then you will get 16 piece of solar panels.

  • Super High Efficiency Solar Panel – 16
  • Monocrystalline (Mono PERC) Solar Panel - 18
  • Polycrystalline Solar Panel - 21

7kW Solar System Daily Production

5kw solar system per day generation

Average generation of 1kW Solar System is 5 units per day. Similar to this calculation, 7kW Solar System generates 35 units every day. That’s means, you can generate Rs. 200 to 250 per day from your rooftop. Here is an electricity rate of state wise, you can calculate self.

7kW Solar System Price in India

The cost of 7kW Off Solar System Price is Rs. 6,65,000 including all charges, such as GST Tax, Transportation, Installation & 1 year AMC. Off grid solar system has no any subsidy. If you will install 7kW Grid Connected System, then you will get 30% subsidy for 3kW and 20% subsidy for 2kW. If you will install 7kW On Grid Solar System in commercial spaces, then there is no any subsidy

Solar System Specs

  • Wattage: Shark430W
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Inverter Power: 7.5KA
  • Inverter Warranty: 5 years
  • Battery Capacity: 150Ah Solar Battery
  • Battery Warranty: 5 years

Scope of Work

We provide customer satisfaction solar solution. Generally we start first from Initial Site Survey, Product Offering, Installation Site Survey, Installation, Site Hand Over to the customer. Here is our work, you can watch here:

Components of 7kW Solar System

components of 7kw solar system

1. Solar Panel

2. Panel Stand – Nut & Bolts – +5 pcs. Counting

3. Fastener - +5 pcs. + Washer   

4. MC4 Connector – 5 pcs.

5. DCDB Box – Lugs (Wire Size) + 2 Fuse Extra

6. DC Wire – Depending on customer requirements

7. Inverter

8. Battery

9. Heat Slip – Wire Size

10. PVC Pipe - Depending on customer requirements

11. Clip – Holding Clip

12. Gitti for DCDB – 4 to 10, Screw – 10

13. PVC Tape – 2 pcs. Color

14. ACDB – Grid & Inverter - Breaker

15. Earthing – Lighting Arrester

Space Required

7kW Solar System has 16 no. of solar panels. The size of one solar panel is 7ft * 4ft. = 28sq.ft. 7kW Solar System occupies at least 500sq.ft. shadow free area.

    How to Buy

    You can buy 7kW Solar System with Battery Bank  from here.


    When you install 7kW Solar System with Battery bank, you are almost 70 - 80% national grid dependency. You can reduce an electricity bill every month by 80% of your home and business.





    Assogane Le Bonheur

    Assogane Le Bonheur

    Sir, I need an inverter with a 7 KWH and a 6 KW electricity output off grid system.
    I live in India in the outskirts of Pondicherry at Bommaiyapalayam at the door of Auroville situated in the Tamil Nadu district on the way to Mango Hill Restaurant. 6/65 old Auroville Road.I have a well water pump, 4 air conditioners of 1.5 tons, 10 ceiling fans, 1 washing machine, 2 micro wave ovens, 2 extractor hoods for 2 Furnished kitchen, 2 refrigerators…
    Also please contact Rakesh Kumar Agarwal, my nephew-in-law. His E-mail identity is
    a.rakeshkumar7@gmail.com His mobile n° is : 91 98 73 49 24 94

    D D Jadhav

    D D Jadhav

    7kw solar system for agri water pump without battary as to use directly but most economically.

    Debasish Bordoloi

    Debasish Bordoloi

    I want to go for 7kb off grid please contact me in 9435520722



    Price of 7kw solar system

    Devi Singh

    Devi Singh

    II Want 5KVA off Grid Solar Pover with battery backup Please send complete Details Amount and Contact number



    How can I get total amount of 50%subsidy ? Afer paying that total money or I have to pay afrer got subsidy? Please reply

    Ravinder Garg

    Ravinder Garg

    Nice video & nice work .
    Sir may I work with you . If any chance then pls contact me at 8146078931. Myself Ravinder Garg , I lives in Zirakpur Punjab . I am Diploma plus b.tech holder . I have 10 years industrial experience.

    Lokesh bhoi

    Lokesh bhoi

    Petrol pump work

    Vishwas Somkuwar

    Vishwas Somkuwar

    I want 6or 7 kw on grid solar system at Nagpur Maharashtra Contact no 9850243252

    Vishwas Somkuwar

    Vishwas Somkuwar

    I want 6 or 7kw on grid solar system for home at Nagur Maharashtra

    Narender Singh

    Narender Singh

    I want 7kw off grid solar system for my house please contact me at 9810409159

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