Can Electric Vehicle be Charged with Solar Panels?

Solar panels are becoming popular for charging electric vehicles (EVs) nowadays. Because the prices of diesel and petrol are becoming very high and not everyone is able to afford it. So electric vehicles have come into existence but now the problem is that electricity is also much costlier. Then the best ever solution is to charge the electric vehicles with solar panels. This is your one-time investment and there are also many benefits of using solar panel as your charger. 

What are the benefits of charging electric vehicles with solar panels?

Charging electric vehicles with solar panels is a very good option for savings. It has more advantages when you use solar panels as a charger. Let us discuss some of the advantages here: 

  • Cost Saving: It saves you from wasting money. Because it is a one-time investment that will work in the long run. Because solar panels create electricity from sunlight. With solar panels, there is no more tension of higher electricity bills.
  • Environmentally friendly: It is environmentally friendly as well. Because it creates electricity from sunlight. So using it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and your overall carbon footprint.
  • Energy Independence: It does not depend on external energy sources. It allows you to generate your own electricity with solar panels. 
  • Easy Loan: You do not have to worry about the cost of solar panels as well. Because there is an easy loan option available in the market. In which you can pay the solar panel price in easy EMI’s.

What are the Components of Solar Panels?

Below are the step-by-step components are given. That is how solar panels work, what are their prices and what are the components required. 

  1. Solar Panels: The main component is the “solar panel” which directly contacts with sunlight and makes electricity from it. Solar panels are installed on a flat or suitable surface such as a roof.
  1. Inverter: When the electricity is generated by solar panels then an “inverter” is used to convert the Direct current (DC) to Alternating current (AC). Because most electric vehicles and home appliances use Alternating current to charge. 
  1. Charging Equipment: Charging equipment is also required to connect the EV with the inverter. A "charging station” is required for charging electric vehicles.
  1. Battery Storage: It is not mandatory but some of the solar panels are not able to generate electricity in cloudy weather or at night in that situation a “lithium battery” stores the excess electricity which you can use in that situation. 


Now we come to the conclusion that solar panels are a very good option for charging electric vehicles. But the main point is to buy the best solar panel from a known or branded company. Which gives you a good quality product and easy loan service. You can contact your nearby solar installers for more information.


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