Top 10 CCTV Brands in India and Buying Guide

From a security standpoint, CCTV cameras are now extremely important in places like homes, offices, and farmhouses. People who reside somewhere other than their homes should pay special attention to this. We'll explain to you through this article what factors you should consider when purchasing a CCTV camera.

Brief Description [Overview]

In the modern era, CCTV cameras are a crucial safety tool. Previously, only offices and retail spaces could use it. However, it is now widely used in homes, parking lots, and other places.

You can use this to view live video of the house on your smartphone or laptop. You will feel safer as a result of this.

How to buy CCTV cameras?

There are many excellent CCTV cameras on the market right now. Please choose the appropriate camera before installing it in the home to keep an eye on every area easily. Additionally, remember that connecting it to a mobile device should be simple.

1. Technology

For home security, various CCTV camera types, including IP, analog, infrared, day-and-night, and PTZ, are readily available on the market today. It's crucial to remember that while going with a CCTV Camera, the camera should be able to rotate 360 degrees and record video.

One of the biggest issues is that the storage starts to fill up quickly with CCTV cameras. Therefore, give priority to cameras with more storage when you're shopping.

Additionally, it needs to be waterproof. As a result, there is very little chance that the camera will experience any issues.

2. Technical Specification

In addition to carefully inspecting the components and features mentioned above, it's crucial to pay attention to the audio and video sensors. Additionally, the camera's ability to see in the dark must be tested.

3.Cost of CCTV Cameras

There are very good CCTV cameras on the market in the 4000 to 10,000 price range.

4. Warranty

Every CCTV camera has a standard 1-year warranty.

5. How to Buy

Through Amazon or Flipkart, it is simple to purchase CCTV cameras online. In addition to this, you can purchase it at a nearby store.

Top 10 CCTV Camera Brands in India, 2024

1. CP Plus

It is one of the top producers of security cameras. This company has introduced numerous network, analog, HD, dome, and video door cameras. Its cameras can capture videos in full HD color, and its night vision is also quite impressive.

2. Panasonic

Panasonic is a Japanese company. Consumers from all over the world are interested in this company's electronic products. This company has introduced many excellent CCTV cameras at a low price range. which includes numerous features such as a user-friendly interface, a multi-sensor, and 4K recording.

3. Godrej

It is a well-known Indian electronics company. With Smart IR Function and Intelligent Detection, this company has introduced many excellent CCTV cameras.

4. Samsung

In the world of technology, Samsung is one of the most well-known brands. This company's CCTV cameras' features include high-definition video, bidirectional audio, clear video even when zooming in, and anti-blur technology.

5. Hikvision

India is a major market for CCTV cameras made by Hikvision. It is widely used in both residential and commercial settings. It's a Chinese company that offers high-quality cameras at reasonable prices.

6. Zicom

The Zicom Company is an Indian company that is well-known for producing high-quality CCTV cameras. This company has introduced many models with features like alarm monitoring, noise reduction to produce clear images, and improved footage quality even in low light.

7. TVT

TVT is also a well-known CCTV camera manufacturer. This company has introduced several cameras with features like waterproofness, full real-time coding, and high-resolution recording.

8. Sony

Sony ranks among the most well-known electronics manufacturers in the world. This company has introduced several digital, analog, IP, and other products that offer people many great features at a low price.

9. Zebronics

The Zebronics company's CCTV cameras are well-known for their high quality and low cost. Its CCTV camera also includes a two-way audio function.


Bosch is a German company whose products are in demand all over the world. This company has introduced some of the best CCTV cameras that can record videos at night.

Embrace solar

People who spend much time away from home typically use solar energy. However, the issue of power outages is now widespread across the nation. As a result, recording issues may arise frequently, putting your home, shop, and valuables at a huge risk.

Therefore, there won't be a problem if someone uses the solar panel to power the CCTV camera, and the video will be continuously recorded.

What will the price be?

You will need to purchase Wi-Fi, a dongle, a battery, and other items in addition to the CCTV camera. If you combine this with solar panels, the overall price is somewhere between 30,000 and 35,000 rupees.


We have no doubt that you'll find this article useful. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about installing a solar energy system or buying a CCTV camera to power it with the help of solar panels. Our specialists are available to help you at any time.




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home security cameras Brunswick

home security cameras Brunswick

A good use of CCTV is to identify visitors before answering the door. For example, if someone knocks on your door late at night, you’ll be able to see who it is without going to the door.

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