Top 10 Best Washing Machine Brands & Price in India, 2022

In today's busy world, washing clothes has become a really challenging chore. Because people are short on time nowadays, a washing machine is required in every home because it saves time when washing clothes and eliminates the difficulty of drying them. However, there are so many alternatives to washing machines on the market today that many people are not sure which machine to buy. So, if you are considering purchasing a washing machine for your home, this post is for you.

Brief Description [Overview]

The main problem with washing machines is that they will not operate if there is no energy in your home. However, this blog will show you how to run your washing machine even if the power is shut down to make your life simpler and easier.

How to Buy the Right Washing Machine?

Washing machines ranging from 3 kg to 15 kg are widely available today. As a result, get a washing machine with as much capacity as possible because this allows you to wash more clothes at once. Because the washing machine cannot operate if it is overloaded. 

Maintain high standards of quality. 

You should avoid buying a washing machine from a local company. In fact, you may receive electric shocks.

Previously, several manufacturers utilized iron for the body of the washing machine. However, there were several occasions when people had significant problems due to the current shock. As a result, all firms now use fiber for the body. 

1. Technology

    On the market, there are mainly two types of washing machines: 

    Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

    Fully automatic washing machine

    A fully automatic machine has only one tub, compared to a semi-automatic washing machine. This tub not only washes clothing but also offers to dry


    This removes the inconvenience of moving your clothes from one tub to another and saves you significant time. But, first, let us explain that there are two completely automated machines: top-load washers and front-load washers. 

    A top-load washing machine's tub is vertical, whereas a front-load washing machine's tub is horizontal. 

    2. Technical specifications

      Any excellent washing machine's motor is typically 240 volts. At the same time, its power fluctuates between 2 and 5 hp. Also, take great care of its RPM. As a result, whenever you want to buy a washing machine, carefully examine its technical specifications. 

      3. Price of the washing machine

        A decent-quality washing machine nowadays costs around Rs 14 to 15 thousand.

        4. Warranty

          Any decent brand guarantees 3 to 5 years on the washing machine and 5 to 10 years on the motor. As a result, keep this feature in mind when purchasing a washing machine to avoid future problems.

          5. How to buy

            You can also buy washing machines online on Amazon or Flipkart from the comfort of your own home. If you want to see the product first-hand, you may go to your local store to try it out and have your questions answered by the salespeople.

            Top 10 Washing Machine Brands in India, 2022

            1. Samsung

              Samsung is one of the world's most renowned technological companies. The company has released various AI-powered washing machines that automatically choose efficient approaches for washing clothes.

              Customers have preferred many versions, including the WW80TA046AE front load with Ecobubble Technology 8.0 Kg and the WW90T604DLN front load with AI Control & SmartThings Connectivity 9.0 Kg.

              2. Panasonic

                Panasonic, a Japanese company, has given the world more than one home appliance in 100 years. People have been drawn to the company's models, including the F70L9MRB and the NA-F67BH8MRB.

                3. LG

                  LG Electronics is a South Korean company. The company has introduced several cutting-edge washing machines to the market, in which users may use Wi-Fi to control the device on their smartphones or tablets, and so forth, making it a truly IoT-based device. Models such as the FHT1408ZWL and FHM1409BDP have been well received and praised by the public.

                  4. Bosch

                    Bosch is a German company whose products are distributed worldwide. It is; however, the only firm in India to have received a certificate from the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). As a result, people have been drawn to the company's more than 40 models, including the WAT286H9IN, WAT286H8IN, and WAU28Q9SIN.

                    5. Whirlpool

                      Whirlpool is a company based in the United States. India has a large market for washing machines and refrigerators. Many of the company's models, such as the 360 BW PRO (540) H 7.5 GRAPHITE 10YMW and the ACE XL 9 GRAPHITE GREY (5YR) - E, have been highly welcomed and appreciated by the public.

                      6. Haier

                        Haier is a Chinese corporation. The company has introduced several excellent household appliances in the previous three decades. For example, the company's washing machines operate with practically no water pressure, considerably comforting consumers.

                        7. Lloyd

                          Havells India Limited owns this company. The firm has released many washing machines, an air conditioner, a refrigerator, an LED television, and other products. At the same time, it has a lower price range. People have praised the company's LWMT70GI1 and GLWMF70WX3 models.

                          8. Godrej

                            Godrej Group is a firm based in India. This corporation has created a strong trust with the public over the last one hundred years. The firm has introduced several washing machines that include cutting-edge technology. Its washing machines have features such as a kid lock and active soak.

                            9. Onida

                              Onida is another Indian firm. Again, on a small budget, the Onida company has released a slew of excellent washing machines. Popular models include the T75CGN1 Fully Automatic Top Load Gray 7.5 kg and the T65CGN1 Fully Automatic Top Load Gray WM.

                              10. IFB

                                IFB is another such Indian firm. This firm was founded in 1974 in Kolkata. The floating ball valve technology that the firm uses pushes the water out of the washing machine while keeping the detergent in. As a result, customers have gravitated to its washing machines.

                                Power Consumption

                                Any washing machine consumes a significant amount of power to operate. But unfortunately, at the same time, power outages are widespread nowadays. So, if you must travel someplace and need to wash your clothes immediately, and the power goes out, you're in big trouble.

                                You can keep the inverter batteries to avoid this issue. However, you must have two inverter batteries, not one.

                                You can get even more peace when you use a solar energy system.

                                You will also need a 1 kW inverter if you buy two batteries. At the same time, if you want to be self-sufficient in terms of electricity from the power grid, you can get a 2 kW solar energy system. Then, apart from operating the washing machine, you may also operate the water motor, light, TV, and so on, and you will save money on your monthly electricity bill for years.

                                How much will it cost?

                                Installing a solar energy system in your home would cost you around 1 lakh rupees. However, if you already have a battery, you will just pay 50 to 55 thousand rupees.


                                We hope you find this blog useful. Contact us if you wish to become self-sufficient in terms of energy by purchasing solar panels. Our professionals are always here to help you.


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