Rooftop Solar System for Cable TV & Internet Service Providers

Most businesses and services these days require a constant electricity supply at all times. Cable TV Operation services are one such example. They require a constant supply of electricity in order to provide  Cable signals to the whole area and frequent power cuts and power outages are the major reasons for the disruptions causing a sense of dissatisfaction and resilience amongst customers.

Why Switch to Solar?

To overcome this problem and provide constant and undisrupted cable supply to the user we need to find a power backup which could be used for cable supply during power outages. One such way of doing so is to switch to solar for energy generation and storage for later use. Installing solar panels to harness energy from the sun in order to generate electricity which can also be stored in solar lithium batteries for later use is an economical and environment friendly solution to tackle this problem.

Things to Consider

Let us now discuss some factors which need to be taken into consideration before opting for solar as a method of energy generation:

1. Location & Climate: India has a variety of different locations with drastic differences in their weather and climatic conditions. In typically hotter regions like Gujarat & Rajasthan where there is ample amount of sunlight almost all throughout the day the solar panels could harness much more energy as compared to the colder hilly areas.

2. Spacing available: Having the right amount of spacing is also important when installing solar panels. Rooftop solar installations are one of the most common in India. Some even go for the high rise installations over their water tanks.

3. Durability: While considering solar energy systems you must check the durability of the rooftop solar. It depends on various factors including the material quality, the strength of the aluminium frame, technology, and the battery backup time.

How Many Solar Panel do I Need?

The quantity & size of solar panels depends mostly on your power consumption needs, efficiency and location. However, around 6-8 topCon solar panels should be enough to run a cable TV business, along with a lithium battery of 3kW.

Range & Pricing

he price of a solar panel depends on certain factors such as its capacity, number of solar panels, the brand you choose, type of technology, etc. To know more about solar panel prices, visit Loom Solar’s website at


If you really wish to harness your energy from the sun, loom solar has got the perfect solution catered specifically to your needs. Book a site survey with them and their engineers will guide you through your solar journey.

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