What are the different types of solar systems available?

When we hear the word solar system, the usual scenario appears in our mind is of the Sun, the Earth, and the rest of the 7 planets revolving around our Sun forming a complete solar system. But in today’s writeup we have brought you the most crucial and latest information on solar panels, solar panel system (rooftop solar system) and the essential elements of a complete rooftop solar system.

What is a rooftop Solar System?

A rooftop solar system represents a comprehensive array of components designed for power generation and installation on the rooftops of various establishments. By harnessing solar energy and converting DC (Direct Current) into AC (Alternate Current), this system effectively produces electricity. It can be affixed to a mounting structure, securely holding the solar panels in place. Additionally, the system incorporates batteries to store surplus power and includes various balance of systems elements such as wires, nuts, cabling, and junction boxes.

The installation of a solar system for residential properties offers a financially advantageous approach to reducing electricity expenses and minimizing one's carbon footprint. Given the surging popularity of solar power in India, homeowners now have an extensive array of options to adopt solar energy. Solar systems are available in diverse sizes, ranging from 1 kW to 10 kW, catering to varying power requirements.

What is the price of a rooftop Solar System?

In India, the pricing of rooftop solar systems exhibits variability contingent upon factors such as system size, solar panel type, and the chosen installation company. As an approximate breakdown, solar modules constitute around 50% of the total cost, while inverters account for approximately 25%. The remaining portion is allocated to batteries and balance of systems (BOS). It is noteworthy that these components typically carry a 5-year warranty period, ensuring a certain level of product reliability and customer confidence.

Solar System for Home

A typical solar system designed for residential use encompasses essential components such as solar panels, batteries, and inverters, among others. These systems come in various sizes, allowing for customization to meet individual power requirements. Solar technology is capable of efficiently powering a range of electric appliances, including air conditioners, lights, fans, and coolers. The size of the solar system can be adjusted according to the specific needs and dimensions of the home. Smaller homes necessitate smaller solar systems, while larger homes demand more substantial setups.

For example, if the objective is to power basic appliances and a water pump, a configuration might consist of four solar panels (Loom Solar 445 W / 550 W Monofacial / Bifacial*4), a 2550 VA Solar Inverter, two batteries (2*150 Ah Solar Battery), a Panel Stand, DC Wire, and DC MCB.

On the other hand, larger homes with additional power requirements, such as air-conditioning, water pumps, and multiple appliances, would necessitate a more robust setup. This might entail ten solar panels (Loom Solar 445 W/550 W Monofacial / Bifacial*10), a 5 kW Solar Inverter, four batteries (4*150 Ah Solar Battery or 1*CAML10048 Lithium Battery), a Panel Stand, DC Wire, and DC MCB.

What is the price of a Solar System for Home?

The cost of these systems typically ranges from Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 5,00,000. Additionally, customers have the option to avail themselves of installment payment plans.

What are the types of Solar Energy?

Fundamentally there are 3 types of solar energy supplies are available in solar panel market.

a. On-Grid Solar System:

On-grid solar systems in India present an advantageous approach to both cost-saving on electricity bills and reducing carbon footprint. These systems are seamlessly integrated into the existing electrical grid, permitting the utilization of solar power during daylight hours while enabling the draw of power from the grid during the night. The affordability of on-grid solar systems is steadily improving in the Indian market, with government subsidies available to help alleviate the initial investment.

b. Off-Grid Solar System:

Off-grid solar systems in India offer an independent and self-reliant means of electricity generation. By harnessing solar energy through solar panels, the generated electricity is stored in batteries for later use. This technology is particularly valuable for homes or businesses situated in remote locations without access to the traditional power grid.

c. Hybrid Solar System:

Hybrid solar systems in India embody a fusion of on-grid and off-grid functionality. These systems are connected to the electrical grid, while also incorporating batteries to store surplus solar power, ensuring its availability during nighttime or power outages. Hybrid solar systems serve as a practical choice for residential or commercial consumers seeking cost savings on electricity bills while maintaining preparedness for potential power interruptions.

What are the price range for Solar System with different watt capacities?

  1. For a 1 kW solar system, the price ranges from Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 70,000.
  2. For a 3 kW solar system, the cost falls between Rs. 135,000 and Rs. 210,000.
  3. For a 5 kW solar system, customers can expect to pay an amount ranging from Rs. 2,50,000 to Rs. 3,50,000.

What is the future of Solar Power Generation?

Solar power generation has emerged as a clean and highly efficient method of generating energy to cater to lighting, appliances, and various devices. The inherent lack of emissions makes it an environmentally beneficial energy source. Notably, the solar market in India has witnessed significant advancements, with increasing affordability rendering it a practical and economically viable choice for both businesses and homeowners.

The latest announcements made by the Indian government that offers a budget of over 7,000 crore rupees for solar market and electronic vehicles indicates a robust growth in the adoption of solar power systems, driven by the government's focus on renewable energy initiatives and the ongoing advancements in solar technology. India is a huge country that demands nearly 500 GW (Gigawatt) of power supply every year. 70% of power generation comes from non renewable fuel sources such as petrol, diesel, coal, crude oil, etc. the remaining 30% comes from hydro and thermal power projects.

The Indian government has announced to replace the 70% of power generation of non renewable fuel sources by ‘Solar Power’ and is expected to replace it completely by the year 2030.


Solar power is the future of the world, where every country is spending money and building infrastructure to generate more and more solar power to become a sustainable country. We hope that the information we have provided will come resourceful to you while making a solar panel purchase.





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