Best Cooler Brands in India, 2021

Major areas of India experience extremely hot summer and mild winters. During summers, people require cooling appliances that are suitable as per the surrounding climate. The weather pattern in India, especially in summers, is of various types. Thus, the Indian market offers a wide range of different types of air coolers that are suitable for all kinds of summers, whether it is hot and humid or sunny and dry.

 coolers demand

People look for a cooler that not only suits the surrounding climate but also comes in a compact design and at an affordable price. Also, energy consumption and electricity bills are a major determinant in making the right choice of buying an air cooler.


In this article, we will help you to choose the right cooler for your summer needs by providing you the best cooler buying guide.


Further, we will discuss in detail the 3 important things that you need to check before buying the right cooler for your house.

1. Types of Air Cooler

Markets provide a great range of different types of air coolers suitable for all kinds of weather and climate. Selecting the best suitable cooler highly depends on the geographical location of the person.


The types of coolers for diverse summer climate are:

a. Desert Air Coolers

desert cooler

Desert coolers are suitable for dry climate regions. They are backed up with a large tank, a powerful motor, and a big blower or fan. The huge tank capacity of up to 100-liters allows desert air coolers to run for long uninterrupted hours.


These coolers are a perfect solution for cooling down large spaces as they have superior air throw and delivery. Also, the latest designs are equipped with castor wheels that assist in the movement of the air cooler from one place to another.


Desert coolers is an ideal choice for medium to the large living room, shops, gym, restaurant, closed outdoors, party halls, etc.

b. Tower Air Coolers

tower cooler

Tower air coolers are slim, elegant, and sleek which enables them to fit in the smallest of spaces. These coolers are designed to throw air at the higher points, which is its key benefit. You can feel the air right above your waist when you are sitting on a desk or standing straight. These coolers are ideal for kids’ room, dining area, study room, bedroom, reception area, small shop, etc.

c. Portable Air Coolers

portable cooler

Portable or personal air coolers are widely used for small spaces with areas that do not need open cooling. In comparison to all other types, these coolers are very energy efficient and user-friendly. They occupy very little space and work best when you are close to them.


Portable air coolers come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. Thus, you can choose the one that fits your home. They are ideal for your home, living room, drawing room, hostel room, shops, etc.

2. Size of the Room

As air coolers are meant to cool a specified area, choosing the right cooler is highly dependent on the size of the room where it is installed. The size of the cooler is totally in relation to the size of the room. You cannot place a big cooler in a small room as it might create a lot of humidity whereas a small cooler in a big room may not provide adequate humidity. Thus, you need to choose the size of an air cooler as per the airflow you will require for the available room size.


The airflow is measured with respect to the volume of air that the fan can blow per minute which is called the CFM, i.e., cubic feet per minute. More CFM means more area is covered by the cooler.

3. Budget

The best cooler brands in India come with an exciting range of air coolers with prices varying from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 10,000. Also, most of them come with a warranty period of a minimum of 1 year.

Best Cooler Brands in India, 2021

cooler brand search

The most important is how many cooler brands are available in India? We have collect following data on the basis of online research and brand popularity. We have a listed best brands of air coolers in India, 2021

1. Bajaj - Market Leader of Fan

bajaj cooler

Bajaj’s Platini PX97 is an ideal choice of air cooler for small rooms with windows. It has a water tank capacity of 36-liters, enough to run comfortably for the entire night. These air coolers offer an air throw capacity of 70 feet. The honeycomb cooling pads are efficient enough to cool the air and are durable too. Bajaj offers a wide range of air coolers at a very reasonable price.

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2. Havells Market Leader of Wire & MCB


Havells has designed its coolers’ fans to make minimum noise. It has a unique auto-fill feature that ensures a continuous supply of water to automatically fill the water when there is less water in the water tank. These coolers have an ice chamber system too. The collapsible louvers prevent small insects and dust to enter the air cooler.

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3. Symphony - Category Leader of Cooler


Symphony is a very well-known brand for its efficient and durable products. The company has captured the market with its Diet 12T, 12-liter personal air This compact design is easily movable around the corners of your home. This cooler comes with one honeycomb, a dust filter and a wash filter.

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4. Voltas - Market Leader of AC

Voltas’ fresh air coolers are designed uniquely with a smart humidity controller to optimize the humidity in your room. Its 3 sided honeycomb padding provides the ultimate cooling experience. The large fan size throws cool air to distant places too, providing the ultimate cooling experience. The motor is designed protectively to avoid any damage in case of a short circuit.

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5. Crompton - Market Leader of Water Pump


Crompton has coolers suitable for all types of the Indian climate, whether it is hot or humid. You can also get options for price variation and tank capacity. These coolers use honeycomb or wood wool pads for providing instant cooling. Also, it has so many features like an easy-to-clean ice chamber, mosquito nets, wider angle throw, etc. The coolers by Crompton are quite affordable and pocket-friendly.

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6. USHA - Market Leader of Fan


USHA air coolers are popular for their comfortable and eye-catchy control system which makes it easy to operate and control. The cooler can easily be moved anywhere. These air coolers are energy-efficient and consumers lesser power. USHA’s air coolers work very well on the inverter as well.

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7. Blue Star


Many coolers get spoiled when exposed to sunlight during summers, but, Blue Star coolers come with Ultra Violet Protection coating that protects them from sunlight. To boost the cooling experience, you can place ice cubes in the ice chamber too. It has thermal overload protection and cross-fit technology that protects the fan motor from overheating.

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8. Cello

Cello air coolers are equipped with an adjustable humidity control system to increase cooling efficiency. It also has a low water alert alarm that ensures better performance and uninterrupted airflow. The honeycomb cooling pad provides an effective cooling solution for your summer needs.

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9. V-guard Market Leader of Water Heater

V-guard coolers come with a smart humidity control features which is a boom especially in high-humidity areas. The specially designed pumping system controls the pumping cycle periodically. It makes the delivered air less humid. These coolers also have a smart sleep mode to enable smart user control.


Using the air coolers in summer for long day hours and night too consumes a lot of power. Thus, it adds to your electricity bills no matter how energy efficient your cooler is. In this article, we will also help you understand how you can choose a suitable solar panel for your cooler.


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10. Hindware


Hindware coolers come with a four-way air deflection technology and throws out a great amount of cool air. With simple control systems, it has wheels too to enable easy and quick movement. Hindware snow crest 85-H is the best air cooler in 2021. This cooler comes with an ice chamber located on the top of the cooler. You may even add ice to the cooler to have a more icy cool experience.

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Solar Panel for Cooler (Which & What Capacity)

shark solar panel

Need: Minimum 15 Hours (Maximum 10 hours in night time & 4 Hours in Day Time)

Power Consumption: 105 Watt to 200 Watt* (It can vary a/c cooler brands)

Battery Storage: 1575Watts to 3000Watts

Inverter Capacity: Minimum 700 Watts

Solar Panel: 300Watts to 600Watt 


According to above calculation, we recommend 1 KW Off-grid solar system is suitable for running a cooler in our homes. The power consumption of a cooler is approximately 105 watts to 200 watts in real-time. In this system, there are 2 no. of 150Ah battery, 900Watt load capacity inverter, 2 no. of shark solar panels come. The total power storage of this solar system is approximately 3000 watts. This means that you can run your coolers for the whole day and night without any hassle.


The average cost of a newly 1 KW Off Grid Solar system is Rs. 98,000 including installation, transportation, and a warranty of 5 years on service and 1 year on product.


If you already have a single battery with a one-kilo watt inverter, you can get your solar system upgraded for just Rs. 20,000 using solar panel and mppt solar charge controller and if you already have a double battery with a one-kilo watt inverter, you can get your solar system upgraded for just Rs. 40,000 using solar panel and mppt solar charge controller. Thus, having a solar system will not only efficiently help you enjoy summers but also help you to save on your electricity bill.


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Summer season starts now. In this season, low voltage and maximum power cut are major problems specially in ruler area due to maximum power consumption, high wind & rains, or any other reasons. So, it is good time to plan and install solar power at your home and enjoy your life without any disturbance. 


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