Loom Solar 1 kw Grid connected Solar AC Module

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25 Years WarrantySKU: ac module (2 nos.) + 2 panel stand + 1 AC MCB 32 amps + 10 meter AC wire + 1 3in1 socket

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Loom solar introduces 1 kW solar power generating system using the world's latest technology in a solar panel called Solar AC Module

A 1 kW solar system generates 4 - 5 units a day from morning 9 am to 5 pm which is sufficient to run 1 Inverter AC up to 1.5 ton along with Refrigerator, Television, Fans and lights during the day from small 2-3 bhk home. 

Note: It does not work when there is a power failure. 

Product Video

Product Overview

Solar Panel

Shark 440 watt Mono perc AC Module

Space required

60 sq.ft.

1 Panel dimension

Length – 6.9 feet, width – 3.4 feet

1-panel weight

25 kg



Package components 

2 Nos. of Shark 440W solar ac module

Solar panel stand (rust free - made of galvanized iron), Fasteners

Connecting Cables, MCB, 

Standard installation - Included, Civil work excluded 

DC vs AC Module : 7 things to consider. 

# Illustrations 1: Performance when some panels are shaded 


shadow illustration


disclaimer: In case, you want to go for net - meter, it has to be applied by homeowner itself. read the procedure here. 

Mobile Monitoring is available at additional cost

Buying Guide 

Download product  Installation diagram .

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