Solar Inverters: Top 5 Brands and Top 5 Best Selling Solar Inverter in 2021.

This video is made who is looking for power backup 4-6 hrs in their home and office but not sure which inverter to buy and which brand.

To compare and buy wide range of solar inverter with battery combo at Loom Solar store:

Besides what are key parameters to review before deciding any inverter for home?

Inverter is known to supply electricity in your home during blackout hours but being electrical items, it is always difficult to choose as per your requirement.

Therefore, loom solar, India’s premium brand store has brought this video to you to know what are the top brands for inverter in India and what are the criteria to choose a inverter for your need,

Besides, you will come to know top 5 inverter model name that you should buy under price range of rs. 10,000/-

As of know, we used to power our home using inverter / battery during power cut hours but now onwards new solutions has come that is more affordable, sustainable and environmental friendly, called “Solar”.

Solar has many advantages like you can use it during the day when sun is available and also you can recharge your battery with solar panel. It is new in India and getting popular slowly. People are still not aware and educated about this product.

If you are looking for inverter then you can choose from 1.) Luminous 2.) Microtek 3.)Su-kam 4) UTL and 5.) Havells.

You can keep in mind below criteria during purchase time, so it will be easier in taking decisions as per your need.

a.) Total Load -KVA 2.) Rating 3.) Technology 4.)Display 5.) Protections







i have to purchase solar roof top residential which pennel (lubi) or (adani) and invert er k-star which good for us

thanking you

Nelson Soreng

Nelson Soreng

I want to install solar system in my home. I have 220 watt solar panel and 75 am batry, guide me .

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