Inverter for Lithium Battery

Which is the Best Inverter for Lithium Battery?

Inverter is device to use for conversion of Direct Current (DC) in to Alternating Current (AC) power by using of SMPS based or conventional type Three pulse or six pulse thyristor-based circuit. The Hybrid inverters are intelligent type of inverters, that use the most of generated power in to load and excess solar energy store in to battery system. Also, some of hybrid inverters operate as on grid system without storage battery and supply the generated solar power to connected loads and excess solar power export in to grid.

1. Technology: Hybrid (Store, Use & Export)

2. Power Source: The inverter can run on battery or grid or solar.

3. IoT Based: Control, Manage & Optimize Remotely

4. Compact Design: Light Weight & Wall Mounted

5. Expandable: Upgrade this inverter maximum 15kW in parallel connection

Why choose Lithium Battery?

The lithium battery is also known as a Multi-Purpose battery and future generation battery. Lithium batteries are widely used in portable consumer electronic devices, electric vehicles, telecom gadgets, energy storage, toys, science projects. A lithium battery is formed of four key components. It has the cathode, which determines the capacity and voltage of the battery and is the source of the lithium ions. The anode enables the electric current to flow through an external circuit and when the battery is charged, lithium ions are stored in the anode.

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