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Sukam Solar Systems for Everyone, Everywhere

Get ready to go solar with India’s best solar power solutions company, Su-Kam. Our products and solutions are made to meet all kinds of solar needs from 30W to 30MW. From a 40W solar system to power a small house in the village to installing 1.3MW solar power plant to power Indian Army in Assam – we have solarized lacs of homes, offices, schools, colleges and petrol pumps in India and more than 90 countries worldwide. Come, join the solar revolution in India. Go solar to save money and the environment.

Sukam Solar Solutions 

Solar solution for a small two-bedroom home will be quite different from that of a big office building. Our solar experts have crafted solar packages based on your unique needs.

  • Solar Systems for Home
  • Solar Systems for Office
  • Solar Systems for Hospitals
  • Solar Systems for Schools
  • Solar Systems for Villages
  • Solar Systems for Petrol Pumps

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