Sukam Solar Inverters

Sukam brainy 1 kW on grid / off grid hybrid inverter - Loom Solar Save 32%

Sukam brainy 1 kW on grid / off grid hybrid inverter

2 Years Warranty

Rs. 45,000
Rs. 30,500

Product summary Sukam briany 1 kW hybrid grid tie solar system is a GTI which works with and without grid supply. It also has battery to store the ...

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Rs. 45,000
Rs. 30,500
Save 32%

About Brand

Su-Kam is the leading solar Retail brand in India with strong product portfolio. It sells product in more than 70 countries, the products include solar charge controllers, solar power conditioning units, solar grid tied inverters, made to cater Residential, commercial and industrial consumers. Some of major and off-grid solar power systems.

Sukam Solar Inverters/UPS for home

Sukam Solar Inverter / Home UPS is India’s best solar inverter which is perfect for your home. Sukam Brainy Eco is India’s best hybrid solar inverter which functions both as a normal inverter as well as off-grid solar system because it can charge batteries through grid and solar both.

Sukam Solar UPS Inverter Price in India 2018

Sukam solar inverter model

selling price

Sukam solar hybrid inverter brainy eco 1100

₹ 7,800

Sukam solar hybrid inverter brainy eco 1600

₹ 9,600

Sukam 1 kw on grid hybrid inverter

₹ 30,500

Sukam 3 kw off grid hybrid inverter

₹ 54,000

Sukam solar 1 kw on grid inverter

₹ 24,500

Sukam solar 2 kw on grid inverter

₹ 35,000

Sukam solar 3 kw on grid inverter

₹ 42,000

Sukam solar 5 kw on grid inverter

₹ 68,000

Sukam solar 10 kw on grid inverter

₹ 140,000

Sukam solar 20 kw on grid inverter

₹ 160,000


Sukam makes two types of solar inverter 1) off grid hybrid and 2) on gird solar

  • Off grid hybrid – batteries are used for backup with inverter
  • On gird – batteries are not connected in on grid inverters.

The manufacturer warranty in off grid hybrid inverts are 2 years. And similarly, sukam offers 5 years manufacturer warranty in on grid inverters.  

Service helpline:

In case, your inverter troubles you due to any fault inside it, you get onsite warranty, just log a complaint with sukam service helpline number 8800 500 500, sukam engineer will visit your home within 24 hours to fix the problem

 Sukam Solar Inverters - Video

This video is made who is looking for power backup 4-6 hrs in their home and office but not sure which inverter to buy and which brand.


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