Sukam mppt solar charge controller 25 amps, 12-24 volt

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Product summary

Su-kam solar charge controllers are powered by latest generation microprocessor and MPPT Technology. It makes your solar system generate maximum solar power – 30% more than ordinary charge controllers. The micro-processor enabled six stage charging ensures optimum charging of batteries which increases their life by 6 months.

sukam mppt controller connects between solar panel and battery. The main use of mppt controller is to charge battery from solar panel. 


System rating

25 Amp @ 12 Volt, 24 V

Charging current (max)

25 Amp

Panel Support

single battery - upto 540 watts

double battery - upto 1000 watt



Wire Size (max)

4 sq mm


Special Features

  • it connects with single and double batteries.
  • Protections provided against short-circuit, voltage fluctuations, wrong connections
  • LCD display for easy monitoring of the system.

Display indications

  • power available - mains on
  • connected with electricity - mains connected
  • battery low warning
  • charging from solar - solar charging
  • Rupee savings


off-grid solar systems # forklift # Telecom.


Installation Manual : Download product Installation and operation manual


Ask a Question
  • In Morning 7:30 AM a Solar inverter detects Current from Solar Panels & disable Main current supply to house till evening 5:30 PM.(House work on Solar power) My question is "if MPPT is connected to Battery, then will my Solar inverter detects Current from Solar Panels & disable mains supply to House ?" If Yes, Please explain in detail of its working

    There are two types of mppt controller - 1) with dc output and 2) with mains connection, if you install smarten mppt controller with mains connection, it will disable mains current when solar power is available.

  • I have Sukam Falcon Eco 1000Va Sine Wave Inverter with 150ah Luminous tubular battery Can you please confirm how many watts panel I can use? Can I use 3 Loom solar panel 160 watt - 12 volt multi crystalline ? or 3 Sunfuel solar panel 180 watt / 12 volt mono crystalline ? and how much time they will take to fully charge my 150ah battery? Thank you

    300 watt panel is required to charge 150 Ah battery from morning to evening. If you go for 3 nos. of loom solar panel 160 watt, 2 nos. of panel will be charging the battery and 3rd panel will be running your ac appliances directly from solar panel. 

  • Sir can we run the load by inverter while charging by this device if i am using 12 volts 450 watt panels.

    Sukam MPPT controller's use is to charge the solar battery. If you have 450 watt solar panels, you can charge the battery, all your home appliances will be running through Inverter. 

  • Sir I have 3 12v 200w solar panels will this change controller will support it

    Surely, sukam's 25 amps mppt charge controller will support 3 nos. of 200 watt 12 volt panel. As the max. current generated considering losses will not be more than 25 amps.  

  • can charge 12v battery with 320watt 24v solar panel It is highly recommended to "donot charge a 12V battery from 320 watt/ 24volt panel", if you do so, you will end up reducing efficiency of solar system by kase kare

    Solar is a technical product, You should understand before buying this, lot of people do mistakes, if you buy wrong combination of proudcts, it will end up giving you less power generation. If you have 320 Watt 24 Volt panel, then it is must that you should have 24 volt (2 battery system) Inverter. Sukam 25 amps mppt charge controller works with 12 V(single) and 24V (Double battery) system both. 

  • Can i charge 24v,200ah battery bank with two 335watt mono crystalline solar panel

    There should be no doubt about this, you are making the whole system in 24 volt, a) Solar panel - 335 watt /24 volt b) Solar battery - 200 Ah, 24 volt, c) Charge controller - 12 / 24 volt. The system is perfect to be connected. 

  • I have a 850va normal inverter and 150ah tubeler battery.can I install (150w × 2)300w 12v solar panels with sukam mppt 12/24v ,25A to charge the battery

    Surely, you can connect 300 watts of solar panels (150 watts * 2 nos) on Sukam 25 amps mppt solar charge controller. 

  • Sir Can i use 600Watt solar panel 12v ?

    Sukam's mppt solar charge controller is a 25 amps controller, if you connect 3 number of 150 watt panel, it will suport. 150 watt panel at peak generation produces 8 amps current. 3 panels will be connected in parellel, that means total current generation will be 24 amps, it is not recommended to connected 4 nos. of 150 watt panel since, there will be wastage in 4th panel. 

  • can charge 12v battery with 320watt 24v solar panel

    It is highly recommended to "donot charge a 12V battery from 320 watt/ 24volt panel", if you do so, you will end up reducing efficiency of solar system by 50%. 

  • Sir,can I use this mppt charger for charging 200 ah battery with 400 watt sukam solar panel.

    surely, sukam mppt charge controller of 25 amps can be used to charge 200 Ah battery with 400 watts of solar panel. 

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Kapil rajput

Product is good but service. ..

Mppt charger is working effectively and boost the amps using extra voltage. ... after one month of installation LCD display is not working. ..i submit complain and they provided service but they said LCD will be change but now its going to be 2 months...there is no solution. .. ab to customer care number hi ni lag rha..


good controller with a miner problem

charge controller is really good,but there is a problem,at the time of peek hours of sun shine,it shows HC means there is high current and do not charge at that time.So disappointed with this..using four panels of 24 watt 320 volt each.



Nice product . Charging is good. Boost the amperes

Diganta Mandal

Very good

I am very happy to buy this product.This product is good working. Thanks to loom solar to available this product.


Display and charging, easy monitoring

Excellent working and reliable

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