Sukam Solar Battery

About Brand

Su-Kam is the leading solar retail brand in India with strong product portfolio. It sells product in more than 70 countries, the products include solar charge controllers, solar power conditioning units, solar grid tied inverters, made to cater Residential, commercial and industrial consumers. Some of major and off-grid solar power systems.

Sukam Solar battery

Sukam solar batteries are designed at c/10 rating for giving 20% more backup compared to normal c/20 rated inverter battery. These batteries are designed to be charged during the day from solar panels and give backup at night. Sukam solar batteries are mnre certified per IS 13369:1992 which indicates long life and good performance.

Sukam solar batteries prices in 2019

Sukam solar battery model

Selling price

20 Ah

₹ 4,000

40 Ah

₹ 5,700

75 Ah

₹ 10,000

100 Ah

₹ 11,000

150 Ah

₹ 18,000

180 Ah

₹ 19,000



Sukam offers 4 years warranty solar batteries.    

Service helpline:

In case, your solar battery does not give backup during the warranty period, it will be replaced by sukam brand, just log a complaint with sukam service helpline number 8800 500 500, sukam engineer will visit your home within 24 hours to fix the problem 

Video: 5 things you should know before buying sukam solar batteries. 

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