Luminous Solar Panel 40 Watt - 12 Volt

with 25 Years* Warranty
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Product Summary

Luminous 40 watt - 12 volt solar panel is used to charge battery up to 20 Ah. It can charge the battery during the day between 9 am - 5 pm. if you looking for solar solution to charge the mobile, run DC appliances such as bulbs, small fan, It is the best mini solar panel from Luminous. it generates 2.2 amps current when sun light falls on solar panel cells.    




Output Power

40 Watts

Space Requirement

3 sq. feet

Operating Voltage

12 bolt

Panel Technology

Poly Crystalline

Manufacturer warranty

1 year on Manufacturing defects

Performance Warranty

25 Years

Additional Features

A+ Grade, anti PID Poly Crystalline cells

Cell Conversion efficiency > 16%

Compliance to IEC standards



Wattage (Wp)


Voltage at Max Power, Vmp (V)


Current at Max Power, Imp (A)


Open Circuit Voltage, Voc (V)


Short Circuit Currrent, Isc (A)


Number of Cells


Maximum System Voltage

600 Volts



Weight (Kg)

3 Kg


Height - 1.4 feet

Width - 2.2 feet


Ask a Question
  • Hi, I want to buy solar panel of 200 watt, Please help.

    you can buy 200 watt solar panel by clicking here. it is priced at Rs. 9,900

  • Can I run a fan directly from solar panels

    It is not recommended not to run A.C and DC appliances such as fans, lights directly from solar panels, the power generated by solar panel varies with change in intensity of sun lights. hence, it might damage your appliances. 

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