On Grid Solar System

What is a Solar System?

As the demand and prices of electricity have kept on rising, the world looks at renewable energy sources for its power needs. In the recent years, solar energy has become a popular renewable energy source because of its falling costs and improving efficiencies.


A solar system is a setup that generates electricity by utilizing the solar energy system. A typical solar system consists of solar panels (which absorb sunlight), inverter (which converts DC into AC), mounting structure (that hold the panels in place) and grid box and balance of systems (wires, nuts etc.). A solar system comes in various sizes like 1 kW, 3kW, 5kW, 10kW etc.

On Grid (Grid-Tied) Solar System

A solar system which works with the grid is called on-grid or grid-tied solar system, there are three components in this system, such as


  • #1. Panels,
  • #2. Inverters,
  • #3. Installation Kit

    The main purpose of installing an on-grid solar system is to save electricity bill.   


    Grid-Tied Solar for Home at loomsolar

     Image Credit: Wholesale Solar - Grid-Tied Solar System for Home



    • generate power for your home and sell access electricity to state government
    • 5 years payback time and free electricity for next 20 years



    • Does not come with backup, the system does not work when there is a power cut.

     Are You Planning Home Solar System?

     planning to power your home with solar energy

     Image Credit: Loom Solar - Installing 1 kW Rooftop Solar Panels 


    There are a number of steps to follow when you are planning to power your home with solar energy.


    1. Investigate Your Home's Energy Consumption
    2. Assess Your Solar Potential
    3. Assess Your Options for Using Solar
    4. Estimate Your Solar Electricity Needs
    5. Obtain Bids and Site Assessments from Solar Installers
    6. Understand Available Financing and Incentives
    7. Work with Your Installer and Utility

    Which appliances run on the grid-tied solar system 

    The on-grid system works in sync with the grid, unlike inverters, there is no limitation in the grid-tied system, you can run everything of your home on the grid-tied solar system. For an example, a 1 kW on grid system can run 5 kW power. 

     what appliances can run by on-grid solar system

    Components of On-grid Solar System

    A grid –tied solar system consists of the following components:

    1. Solar Photovoltaic modules / Panels
    2. DC-AC grid-tied solar inverter
    3. Installation kit including of Mounting structures, ACDB, DCDB, A.C , D.C wire, Connectors, lighting arrestor, earthling cables.

    How to choose solar system capacity for my home

    How much electricity do you consume per month from your gird supply? This is the main criteria to select solar system capacity. Please note, The purpose of installing on grid solar system is to reduce electricity bill.  


     electricity bill


    Below is the table to understand how to choose on grid solar system capacity based upon power consumption and monthly electricity meter reading


    Average daily power consumption (units)

    Estimated monthly bill @ Rs. 10 per unit

    Recommended on grid solar PV system (kw)

    0-5 units

    ₹ 0 – ₹ 1,500

    1 kw

    5-10 unit

    ₹ 1,500 – ₹ 3,000

    2 kw

    10-15 units

    ₹ 3,000 – ₹ 4,500

    3 kw

    15-25  units

    ₹ 4,500 – ₹ 7,500

    5 kw

    25-50 units

    ₹ 7,500 -₹ 15,000

    10 kw

    50- 125 units

    ₹ 15,000 – ₹ 35,000

    25 kw


    How much will the grid-tied system cost?

    On-grid solar system price varies with the selection of brands, quality of products used, and system replacement warranty.


    Latest price list of the on-grid solar system in India


    On grid solar system

    Price (all inclusive)

    1 kw

    ₹ 60,000

    2 kw

    ₹ 1,20,000

    3 kw

    ₹ 1,80,000

    5 kw

    ₹ 3,00,000

    10 kw

    ₹ 6,00,000

    25 kw

    ₹ 15,00,000


    What happens, when my power consumption is very low

    The advantage of on-grid solar system is awesome, if you are not using electricity at your home, the power generated from solar system will be fed back to the grid. The state government will give you money for sending electricity to gird.



    Which Solar Brands and Products are the Best?

    The number of brands offering solar energy products is rapidly increasing. And each solar expert you speak with will have certain products they recommend, and they usually have very convincing reasons for recommending those products.  This can make it a challenge for consumers to know whose opinion to trust, and which products are truly the best.


    An on-grid solar system is a grid connected solar PV System which works along with the grid. In the Grid-Tied solar system for home, Loom Solar has tied up with the Chinese solar giant, Trina Solar for the distributorship of its TrinaHome solution, which is a complete solar rooftop home solution customized for India. Available in 3 kW, 5 kW, and 10 kW capacities, these kits come with a 25-year module performance warranty. It is suitable for installation in residences, schools, hospitals, SME establishments etc.

    Can I Get Subsidy for Solar Energy Systems in Haryana?

    Yes, you can get subsidy on solar system Haryana state's location, such as Karnal, Hisar, Rohtak, Gurgaon, Yamuna Nagar, Sonipat, Panipat, Ambala, Sirsa, Rewari, Ratia, Mandi Adampur, Kaithal, Faridabad, Kurukshetra, Bhiwani and more. 


    Subsidy on Solar - How much can I get & What's its procedure


    Read Full Details about How to get Subsidy on Solar?


    So how do you choose? - Our best suggestion is to find a solar expert/professional you trust, and allow them to guide you through the ever-changing maze of renewable technology. Loom Solar helps 1 million solar buyers every month. So, Go Solar...Think Loom Solar.

    How to Install On Grid (Grid-Tie) Solar System

    On-grid solar is preferred by masses as it provides an additional advantage to earn from your solar system. People can install an on-grid solar systems and enjoy the benefit of net metering policies to avail a credit in their electricity bills. But before the installation, a buyer has numerous questions in his mind regarding the concept, subsidies, suppliers, method of installation, prevailing net metering rules etc. In this article, we attempt to answer all these queries.


    Read this blog to learn how to install on grid or grid tie solar installation with inverter and solar panels for home, office, shop, hospital in India.


    Read Full Article: How to install an on-grid solar system in 10 simple steps

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